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Palghar lynching and silence of media

साधु, सुशांत और सीबीई

भारत की जनता ने भी सोशल मीडिया के ज़रिए सीबीई की जाँच की माँग की और हमारे देखते देखते आज न्यायालय ने जाँच का फैसला सुना दिया, उसी भारत की जनता ने पालघर में हुए साधुओ की हत्या के मामले में ऐसा ज़ोर क्यों नहीं दिखाया?

Palghar Lynching: A tale of fear and paranoia

The misleading reporting to suit their own agenda is now costing all of us a big price. The continuous evil portrayal of the saffron by the left cabal, communalizing any issue when a culprit is Hindu and at the same time ignoring it when the victim is a Hindu has resulted in the paranoia being developed regarding the saffron mainly.

Palghar: The postmortem report

None of the real perpetrators of the crime have been brought to book till now, even though the massacre was carried out in broad daylight, in front of thousands of onlookers.

पालघर हत्या या द्वेष?

अख़लाक़ खान, पहलू खान कोई भी हो सबके लिए देशव्यापी रोष था, हैशटैग चले थे, सारी पार्टीयों में जैसे गुस्से का तूफान आ गया था, लेकिन साधुओं की हत्या पे चुप्पी बहोत कुछ बोलती है, भइया ये लोकतंत है और हम जनता है हम "भूलते" नही।

Yes, I am Islamophobic!

Someday, I hope that a majority of my country see things the same way and has the courage to call a spade, a spade and do away with these shackles that the liberal elite have so cleverly blinded us with and call out any heinous crime in the name of religion.

लिंचिंग लिंचिंग में फरक..

लिंचिंग लिंचिंग में भी फरक होता है साहेब,, एक इन्टॉलरेंट लिंचिंग है, तो दूसरी केवल ग़लतफ़हमी.

Communal lynching of saffron clad Sadhus: The Palghar incident

Without an iota of doubt, one can effortlessly arrive at the conclusion that the CM of Maharashtra has allowed the state to descend into lawlessness and anarchy

Palghar Hindu monk lynching

It is very disheartening that on the land of Shivaji Maharaj and Balasaheb, such brutal killings are taking place and yet his party remains silent.

Hindus are not safe in Hindu land: 2 Sadhus brutally killed before police and media diverted them as thieves.

The lynched monks were projected as thieves by NDTV,, the Wire and other media.

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