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A ludicrous attempt of defending the undefendable

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Dipankar Jugran
A mechanical engineer by profession. Writing my thoughts down for people to read. Giving my contribution to the fight against pseudo-liberalism and leftist propaganda.

A dangerous pandemic is currently taking shape around the world. The creature responsible for this pandemic originated in one of the wet markets in Wuhan (China) might be the tiniest of creatures, but it has brought down the mightiest of nations to their knees. The Chinese coronavirus pandemic has a caliber to be a plague equal to which our ancestors went through during the 14th century. One of the most devastating pandemics humans have ever gone through, known as the bubonic plague or the black death. Scientist believes that the bacterium, Yersinia Pestis which caused the bubonic plague also originated from China and spread along the silk road to Europe. Unlike Chinese coronavirus, Yersinia Pestis didn’t spread on direct contact instead was spread by the fleas which carried the plague causing bacteria from rodents to human. The Chinese coronavirus as the name suggests is just another gift from china to the world.

Even though there are many similarities between the Black death of the past and the currently ongoing Chinese coronavirus. I don’t think that any of the sources of the 14th century mention a particular community using the virus as a weapon against the people who don’t adhere to their political ideology disguised as a religion. Or maybe they were not able to do this during the black death because the bacterium was not spreading by the human to human contact.

Our nation is also affected by the same Chinese coronavirus which has brought all the big economies of this world to a standstill. In early March, COVID19 was spreading in India at a steady rate though there was no community transmission, all the infected people had a travel history to affected nations. After awareness campaigns of social distancing and the Janta curfew by the Modi government, the new number of cases started to decline until around 1,200 people of a particular community defying all orders and ignoring all warnings, believing that they are immune and their god has sent this pandemic to kill all the ‘kafirs’, gathered in huge numbers inside a mosque in Nizamuddin to attend an event compromising the safety of the whole nation and its people.

The group also consisted of nearly 280-odd foreigners from countries such as Malaysia and Indonesian. These people after attending the event at Nizamuddin traveled across the country spreading the virus even more. 100 persons which have been found positive in Tamil Nadu have attended the Nizamuddin event and many more states have reported such cases which can be traced back to the same group. Until the arrival of these people, the cases of corona in India were less than thousand which have now increased to more than three thousand. Therefore, the credit for spreading the coronavirus can be given to these people. 60% of India’s new coronavirus cases can be traced back to the same group.

After listening to this news, most of the right-wing twitter handles started to criticize these people. While the right-wing started blaming the whole community for this type of preposterous behavior, the left-liberal intelligentsia was nowhere to be seen for few days, maybe they were trying to find a way to normalize this crime of the minority community as they always do. From Osama to Burhan Wani, turning persecutors into victims is the specialty of the pseudo-liberal left. Slowly corridors of the left started to buzz again with ‘disease has no religion’ and whataboutery. But soon more videos and news started surfacing of the very people left was trying its best to defend. Videos from spitting in food to applying spit on banknotes. From beating doctors to making lewd gestured to the nurses. The people of this particular community has left no stone unturned to prove their regressive and barbaric nature.

Left trying to provide an ideological cover by justify the actions of these minorities and trying to present them as victims are just ludicrous, especially when the left has the nerve to make fun of people who came out in the balcony and clapped to show solidarity towards the fighters of this pandemic.


I hope that deep down, even this imbecile leftist intelligentsia knows that it is just trying to Defend the Undefendable.

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Dipankar Jugran
A mechanical engineer by profession. Writing my thoughts down for people to read. Giving my contribution to the fight against pseudo-liberalism and leftist propaganda.

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