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There are story writers who sign any contract for writing rubbish. They may be paid in dollar or in rupee, cash or kind, in Indian account or foreign account, in his own name or in spouse’ name. Only an extraordinarily shameless writer can make bash-India story to ensure that public is confused about encouraging India story under Modi regime. Some writers recently posted story about India’s “failure” in handling Covid 19 crisis. It was astonishing how blind such contract writers are about a simple arithmetic of India’s Covid19 toll count compared with other countries.

Compared with the density of population and the nature of Covid19 being imported, while India’s success of containing it from community spread is adorable, some media personnel have discovered strange arguments. This dirty face of Indian journalism with truth untold ever is heavily poisonous.

Even a child with a simple common sense doesn’t need to be taught how Covid19 is devastating the world and how better protected Indians are with sufficient precautionary measures. Recently in a portal a writer showed two instances of Germany and China, as successful Covid19 management cases. Germany has several times more Covid19 victims and at least 15 times more mortality than India has, as of now. No need to compare the population density, geographic size and overall population between the two. Germany is fast losing its control like Italy, Spain, France and UK.

The writer also said China didn’t declare nationwide lockdown to contain it, while seemingly forgetting that China recorded 3500 deaths. Would Modi have been allowed to live in peace had it been in India even with one-tenths of the toll? The story argued, China didn’t declare nation-wide lockdown. Yes, China didn’t need a nation-wide lockdown, since the disease originated and remained only in Wuhan. However, in India Covid19 reported from almost all States, before the lockdown was announced. Even in China the locked down was ordered in the province only after tolls alarmed the government. But in India, some dirty minds wanted the government to hold on its action to see things going out of control for a celebration.

India has cases from all over the country brought in by foreign tourists and travelers. Let’s not forget, India is the only country in the world to evacuate its citizens from the troubled zones without any reluctance, with a determination of ‘come what may’.

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