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NRC protests – A plot of break India forces

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So the worry the “Wokes & Liberals” have of the (non-existent) National NRC is what will happen if a person who has no documents, no witnesses et al.

So this person does not have any one of the following documents (and I am only referring to some basic documents):

  • Birth Certificate
  • Rashan Card
  • Voter Card
  • Aadhar Card

So what can we deduce from the above:

This person has never availed any kind of benefits from any government (State of Centre) – as this person does not have Aadhar card, Rashan card or any document which would be a must to avail any kind of benefits.

This person has never voted – as does not have a voter ID or listed in Voter list. So This person for all practical purpose does not exists on Records anywhere in the country! Then we are also told that this person is not even in a position to produce 3 witnesses who will vouch for him/her…

So where is this person existing?

No records in Govt anywhere and no one who knows who this person is. Is such a scenario possible, yes, of course, it is but possible and probable are different things.

Thinking aloud: But then what impact does it have on his life if he is not part of the NRC as this person is anyway living a life without any connect with any fellow human (as does not even have any witness) or the government?

How many such persons would you know in your sphere of influence? I agree that it is probably not the right sample but still, do think over…

Now on some number crunching:

The Gov has been driving Aadhar enrollment and the latest estimate is > 89% Indians have been registered. Details can be accessed via

The data shows that the saturation is much lower in age group < 5 years and in age group 5 to 18 years. So do the math and you will find out that Aadhar coverage is > 100% in age group 18+.

Identifier Projected Population Category Total No of Aadhaar assigned Saturation %
A Population – all 1353890423 1213050173 90%
B Population (0 < 5Y) 126609605 41486322 33%
C Population (5 < 18Y) 371787957 285643864 77%
A-B-C Population >18Y (Calculated) 855492861 885919987 104%


Of course, this is statistical data and in reality, there will be 18+ people who do not have Aadhar but how many?

And how many of those who are not covered via Aadhar will not have any other document?

Please do note that any person covered under Aadhar has already produced required documents so all the worries about such person are baseless.

So when I say that this NRC protest is just a façade for anarchist, Naxals and Tukde Tukde Gang with active/passive backing from some political parties, neighbouring countries, break India forces to try and create unrest and violence in the country invoking imaginary fears and victimhood to somehow discredit and overthrow a democratically elected government then what wrong am I saying?

Jai Ma Bharti!

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