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Let’s not be Gandharis in this new Mahabharat!

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!

Over the past one month, we have come across news describing the vandalism and chaos in the guise of protests from a couple of Universities. Not only that, we have even heard about the Shaheenbagh protests, which are being sponsored and nurtured by political parties, celebrities and the liberal media. We have heard of instances of doctors being fired, citizens being denied water and many instances of communal threats. All of this over a bill which seeks to provide Citizenship to persecuted minorities.

We have also heard about the protests over the remarks made by a Superstar from Tamilnadu, how Kerala is fast becoming a rabidly Islamic state and various shouts for Azaadi and Jinnah wali Azaadi echoing from Universities, which have become political hotbeds rather than a place of learning. We have heard from the leaders of some Islamic fundamentalists parties provoking their brethren to unleash violence. Heck, we have even heard one former University president threatening to destroy this country. All of this being fueled by those, whose entire power structure is on the brink of collapse and the liberal media along with some of the biggies from Bollywood.

I even had one Tamilian friend of mine, who shared a post on FB questioning the necessity for CAA/NRC, while trying to brush aside the blatant disregard for my Gods by the father of the Dravidian movement. I tried to reason with him over various posts but to no avail. It is at this point I have realised that some of us have been so used to the divisive politics that has plagued this country and the utter chaos we were under that suddenly they are uncomfortable with the very idea of peaceful coexistence and the concept of oneness.

Let me clarify my point here. Through the 80’s till the last decade, in India we were divided by our caste systems, the North India and South India feelings, the Dravidian and Aryan one upmanship and the basic degradation of law and order, where the elite and those with the elite were held up on a pedestal as the common man suffered. The situation might not have been much different before the 80’s as well but I wouldn’t want to comment on it as I wasn’t yet born. Suddenly, we have a government, which has over the past six years, slowly and with absolute clarity righting the many wrongs that have infested our country over the past 70 years.

Be it the Abrogation of Article 370, the Triple Talaq Bill, the 10% reservations to the economically backward, the Uri Surgical Strike or the Balakot Airstrikes, the strict adherence to law in bringing the politicians, who have sold and looted this country, to answer for their crimes in courts, elimination of middlemen in implementing government schemes, the Jandhan accounts, the Ayushman Bharat scheme, the Supreme Court verdict on the contentious issue of Ram Janmabhoomi, this Government has ensured that the law rules supreme and has firmly adhered by the Constitutional principles envisaged by our founding fathers. I haven’t mentioned the many other achievements of this present government as it would be an article by itself.

Therefore the political parties run by dynasties have had a serious meltdown and have been indulging in fear mongering and trying to rake up non-existent issues whether it was with the Rafale deal or the Triple Talaq bill, which was termed as communal and have opposed tooth and nail all the aforementioned reforms undertaken by the democratically elected government of this country. They were helped by the liberal media along with some of the intellectuals from various fields, who have benefitted from the magnanamity of these parties. I can understand their reluctance to alter the status quo. They have been dependant on it and over the past 6 years the building that they have so painstakingly built over the past 70 years is being uprooted from its base.

My question is not to them. My deepest anguish is against those intellectuals like my Tamilian friend, who are well educated but refuse to acknowledge the chaos these self serving people are unleashing with their false propaganda and are blind to the development that is happening around them due to their inability to let go of their prejudices. Be it their unmitigated hatred towards Modi or the BJP, these people are letting the liberal media hold sway over them by refusing to open their eyes and blatantly ignoring the good that is happening. Now even students and small children are being used to create an environment of chaos and unrest. This is what the parties and those who have benefited from them want. They don’t want the status quo to be altered. But it does beg the question, why are some of us still blind to it? Can’t we for once not be blinded by our prejudices for the welfare of this country?

Should we be a Banana republic like Pakistan where the Military holds sway over the Government? Should we still be in the Developing countries list? Don’t we want our people to be brothers living in harmony instead of constantly dividing ourselves on the basis of caste, gender, religous beliefs and Aryan or Dravidian superiority? How much longer are we going to serve those self serving monsters? The more pertinent question is how much longer are we going to be blind to it?

We have as a majority elected a government for the second consecutive time with an even bigger mandate. The eco-system, which bred on divisive politics is slowly being uprooted from its very roots. Its time now to also uproot those who have harmed this country and hence, they are now using the pretext of CAA and NRC to further their communal agenda in order to create a state of lawlessness. It is time to open our eyes to the truth and not allow them to create unnecessary hurdles for the development of our country.

We are our country and its development is our development. I no longer want to be a part of a developing India as I believe that we are going to be the most developed and advanced nation in the coming decade. Lets not be blind to the shenanigans of these liberals as Bharat needs to be even more vigilant from these internal threats to the very structure of our democracy. Lets all answer the clarion call of development that is ahead of us instead of being sucked into the vicious and toxic bile that is being spewed by the liberal intellegentia, media and the academia. Let us all for once look through their lies without being blinded by our prejudices and personal agendas. As Bharat is ready for take off, we shouldn’t be the one’s hindering the flight to newer and game changing destinations.

The dynastic and self serving political parties and its coterie of misfits would not want that and are using all their dirty tricks to lure the gullible amongst us to protest and create an emvironment of chaos. My sincere appeal to my brethren is to let go of the prejudices that have been plaguing our country for the past 70 years and move together in Unity towards the path of development and achievements rather than the age old custom of self serving agendas. Because this is the time more than ever to serve a Notice to the so called liberal intellectuals that their days are numbered and they better accept this new Bharat! A Bharat, which is on the verge of unprecedented growth will not tolerate anymore the blind prejudices and selfish motives. This Bharat has decided to take the leap of faith for a better and wonderful tomorrow and those whose wilful blindness is stopping them from seeing that will only be left behind.

I sincerely hope that all my Indian brethren will join the ride to a greater tomorrow with none left behind. As this Bharat enters the new decade with a determination to improve and succeed, the chains of sychophancy and the shackles of greed need to be shattered if we are to achieve our dreams. Lets all look at the protests that are happening across the country and its universities with a magnifying glass and identify those who are indulging in efforts to break up this country and not be swayed by their rhetoric. Lets not support those whose intentions are dubious at best and selfish to the core.

Lets not make people into Gods while they trample and desecrate our Gods. This is what has led to the subjugation of our country in the first place. Lets not repeat the same mistakes twice. And finally, I pray that everyone including my Tamilian friend take off the cloth that’s covering their eyes and look at the change that is visible to most of us. Lets not be Gandharis in this new Mahabharat!

Jai Hind!

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!
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