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From ‘science consumers’ to ‘science maker’ PM Modi asks scientists

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Invent, patent and prosper the three mantras our dear PM Modi has invoked in his inaugural speech in the recently held science congress sets the clear agenda for the scientists. The message is not just a wish or desire of our Prime Minister, but it is the responsibility of the scientists and the message of PM Modi is also sets the clear direction for our nation.

More than any other field, medical profession and scientists in India are appears to be the big consumers of world wisdom of science and seldom seems to create much authentic and original science from India. Ironically many Indian scientists are quite intelligent and creative. The reason can be many that may or may not justify who is right, whether the scientists or the government that extend lackadaisical financial support to various research institutions. It is not the great infrastructure and great funding alone make good science to happen; creative mind, commitment and sensitivity only would help the scientists to come out with solutions to our challenges. We are not looking for scientific answers to our basic philosophical questions but scientific solutions to our daily problems.

India is heading nowhere from mere talking or being over megalomaniac by being busy with the so called basic research or industrial research or application oriented research. What is predominantly prevalent in our present day research is mere megalomaniac-ism or falsification or plagiarism or manufacturing and selling lies, however a separate debate and deliberation are needed to validate the above accusation.

Time has come for Indian scientists in all research laboratories and institutes to be more creative, innovative and must ensure how their innovation would change both the life and economy of our nation. A simple, workable solution to our context shall worth the title of great innovation than some path-breaking wisdom that may take another century to transform the world.   

Authentication and re-validation of the paramedical traditional wisdom for protecting the health also can be converted as a great product for commercialization if credible research is done.  Commercial end should not be the main fodder of any scientific research but the same is necessary and only then application oriented, well focused, well understood research problems are identified and prioritised in the research sphere.

India can grow to next level and can challenge the world only if India learns to use its intelligentsia not just to prove or pomp about the same instead use the same to transform India totally.

When China harps on manufacturing, India can very well harp on innovation as the core strength of India is innovation and intelligence. Most scientists compete to join various CSIR and other labs just to secure a safe job than to do any original and authentic research; the above possibility is drawn based on the quality of research publications and various research engagements.

Indian scientist need to be trained also how to look for innovation, how to establish non-obviousness, how sensitive they have to be to understand the subtle need-gaps, regular interaction with the key customers to understand the market dynamism and finally they need unbiased temperament to know the expectations, problems, affordability and the aspirations of our society.

By wearing lab coat and or standing near work station fitted with burette and pipette doesn’t going to make anyone scientist and only exceptional sensitivity, creative passion and simple approach alone would make a person scientist. From that perspective, even the common man in India too is an inventor.

Modi has perfectly diagnosed the need-gap and that is why Modi has urged the scientists to focus on result and transformation centric research engagements than symposium, conference participation as hallmark achievement by the scientists.

Modi has urged the scientists to be committed, responsible and at the same time how they can bring research/science revolution in India like the white and Green revolution that were brought by our scientists several decades ago.

India also needs to glorify science and credible facts and not just wisdom which are quite philosophical in nature; as gospel truth or universal fact. PM Modi has belled the cat and time only shall prove how loud the bell ring is going to be in future taking India to next level of growth and prosperity.

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