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Fact check- Fake posts being spread about a ‘New Constitution’ in name of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

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Author of the book “Gujarat Riots: The True Story” which gives all the details about the 2002 Gujarat riots - Godhra and thereafter.

We are seeing a fake propaganda being spread through WhatsApp, email and other social media means, about a booklet which has been published and is being promoted in the name of RSS Sarsanghachalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat (falsely). ‘Naya Bhartiya Samvidhan’ (‘New Indian Constitution’) is the name of this Hindi booklet, and it is being falsely said that it has been written by Dr Mohan Bhagwat. It is being promoted through this booklet that there is a plan to implement a new Constitution which will give priority to upper caste people (and even in them, far more for Brahmins) in all sectors, by changing the current Constitution. Messages claiming that this new Constitution will be used to do injustice on SC/ST and other backward category people are being spread through this booklet.

An appeal is made to citizens to send their suggestions and advice about the ‘New Constitution’ at the end of this booklet. It is written that the suggestions will be accepted at the Prime Minister’s Office, New Delhi till 15 March 2020. It is also written that a copy of the suggestions will also need to be sent to the RSS Office in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Not just that, it is also claimed that the best suggestions will be given a prize of Rs 10,000/-.

There is no information given on any page of the booklet about who published it, no name of the publication or publisher, address, edition or any other information. Under the law, when any book is published, it is necessary to give the name of the publisher or publication, ISBN or registration number. This booklet has absolutely no such information, and hence it is absolutely clear that this booklet is being promoted and circulated simply to spread misinformation and infuriate and instigate a particular section of the society.


[This report has been translated from original Marathi to English by @Gujaratriotscom To read the original Marathi report of Tarun Bharat, open ]

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Author of the book “Gujarat Riots: The True Story” which gives all the details about the 2002 Gujarat riots - Godhra and thereafter.

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