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Your friendly neighbourhood Bhakt (What it means to support right wing as a teenager)

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When a teenagers tells someone that they associate themselves with the ideas of the right wing, they are immediately reduced to a stereotype pre-set in the minds of their fellows. I’ve had the fortune of meeting several people with distinct political ideologies backed up with even more distinct reasons; and I’ve always looked for the arguments and ideas behind them even though at times it didn’t make any sense. But, having spent almost two years at a law school I’ve seen that this is not how my fellows function. They have a filter of political affiliation and if you’re even slightly tilted towards right, they don’t hear your words.

The stereotype.

A person with affiliation to the right wing as we all know is called a ‘bhakt’. Let’s break down what a bhakt essentially is for the huge pool liberal teenagers and adolescents. A bhakt is a person that primarily a strong theist and a person that puts divine order above logic. Secondly, bhakts are considered supporters of patriarchy and subsequently fans of every form of inequality. Everything that come in forms of speech is not even considered and thus the basic stereotype ends here, a bhakt is nothing less and nothing more.

The reason behind the stereotype.

In modern times, the concept of anarchy and rebellion are more than trends and have found home in hearts of the young. The lenses of revolution give them a view of an unequal, partial and unjust world. The context and the reasons are always handcrafted by the left in a language that soothes the youth. The access to all the networks like online streaming that circulate pamphlets of cynicism and anarchy has made it cool to hate the people in power and it is preferred to be mouthpiece of dissent (even uncalled dissent) Words like minorities and secularism are the extreme ends for the self-proclaimed liberal diaspora, they are not allowed to see beyond or through, and thus when they see surge of an opinion that has a vision beyond and through they get offensive, they shadow the contradiction and humiliate it with heavy words of foreign tongues. The inability to reply in the same manner makes the bhakt illiterate and devoid of logic; and the ability to reply in the same manner makes him/her a repercussion of some privilege.

What it is like to be young and a so called bhakt at the same time?

First and foremost, you’re out of the list of the ‘smart ones’ and if does not matter to you, you’ll be told that you’re not smart enough almost every day as a daily test of resistance. Further, there will be professors that preach communism and if they identify you, that’s the end of peace for you, after several attempts of radicalizing, there will be attempts at ridiculing you. The internet on the other end will always look for debates and you’re not allowed to deny because then, you’ll be called an uninformed jingoistic lad; so if you decide to participate and make your points and they somehow defeating the conditions make more sense, you’ll be told that it is all subjective and based upon your personal bias; and your narrow mindedness has acted as a catalyst to the fascist regime. The comics and actors in trend have a fan-base to please and in order to do that, they’ll make jokes on you; in other words, they’ll make money by ridiculing capitalism.

The good part:

Firstly, and most importantly, you don’t have to support a political party at all times. The right wing community has enough space for discussions and dissent. Unlike, the other side where supporting BJP is a heinous crime, at the right side of the discourse you can support according to each action, I’ve seen right wingers supporting Captain Amrinder Singh and Shashi Tharoor and rather than being subjected to extradition they are engaged in debates and discussions.

You’ll not be left alone, at platforms like twitter the community helps each other. You may feel overpowered by the Instagram warriors of the keyboard revolutionaries but the speakers of the right will find you. Don’t worry about the extreme humiliation from the other side, you’ll have an infamous group of people with good humor by your side.

You’ll connect to larger masses as the discussions here are not limited to the doomsday rhetoric of Shah-Modi, rather the discussions will range from food of the poor to the lux of the rich. The right wing consists of humans and may at times be incorrect, but it is willing to listen, we do not create a facade of freedom of speech, where you are only free to abuse Modi; here you’re free to question everything. SO in short you’ll meet diverse people, ideas definitions, stands and personalities.

We are adapting to the changes and have a lot to improve, it is hard to be in the right wing in this generation but, hashtag The Community has been a pleasure to me.

Darshit S.

Student, National Law University Odisha

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