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What is the Indian Union Muslim League, and why are they against Citizenship Ammendment Bill 2019?

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Nivan Sadh
District Executive Committee member- ABVP Colaba (sub-district of Mumbai)

The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) is a state based political party in Kerela, which is an offshoot of the All-India Muslim League that was established in 1906 during the times of British rule in India. The All-India Muslim League was at the forefront of the partition of India, and strongly advocated for the creation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. When the All-India Muslim League was disbanded after the creation of Pakistan, IUML was set up to continue to be a platform for radical Islamic elements in India.

On 10th December, 2019, the Citizenship Ammendment Bill 2019 was tabled in the Lower House of the Indian Parliament after being introduced by the Home Minister Amit Shah. The Citizenship Ammendment Bill ammends the qualifications for a Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist resident of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to attain the citizenship of India after living in India for a minimum of 6 years, from the pre-existing 11 years. The bill aims to act as a relief for the refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh that are oppressed in their home countries and are either raped or forcefully converted for belonging to a particular religion.

The IUML believes in the radical approach to Islam and intends to outnumber the local Hindu population of India. However, the IUML along with other Christian organisations in the North East of India are afraid of becoming a minority in India, since it would lead to several steps back from their goal of creating a Hindu-minority India. IUML is also at the forefront of advocating for the acceptance of Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh and Myanmar. In fact, the Rohingya Muslims were expelled from Myanmar because it was seen that they had murdered and raped the local Hindu population in Burma and burried the bodies in a ditch. Many Rohingya refugees have also shown their links to Islamic terror organisations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

The Muslim League belongs to a radical and fringe section of the Islamic society. The history of IUML shows that they have always echoed the opinions of the Pakistan government, while also being an ally in the Congress-led UPA in Kerela. It has proved to be a Hindu-phobic party that links the growth of Hindu population with “toxicity”. Having key relations with the Pakistan government, the IUML is a key suspect for espionage in the eyes of patriotic Indian Citizens. Having one member in the Rajya Sabha, and 3 members in the Lok Sabha, the existence of IUML is a threat to the unity and integrity of India.

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Nivan Sadh
District Executive Committee member- ABVP Colaba (sub-district of Mumbai)

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