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Opportunistic politics and hypo critic agenda- The root cause of CAA violent riots

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State Executive Committee Member, State Media Panelist , State In-Charge for Policy & Research ,Mahila Morcha BJP Andhra Pradesh

Dissent and debate are essential parts of democracy, Not rioting or violent activities or ransacking public property or hurting civilians & government servants or spreading panic by lies.

  • Some questions which are not asked by many media.
  • Why Students of Jamia wanted to rally outside university?
  • Why did students rally along with protestors of AAP Amantullah Khan?
  • Why did students not oppose the so-called outsiders when they were damaging property, inciting violence and entering university?
  • Why did the Vice Chancellor not say about proctor (disciplinary officer) writing a letter to Delhi Police asking assistance to control situation?
  • Why do they won’t interview the injured police, civilians and those who lost their properties?

It does not require rocket science to say that the attacks were preplanned, orchestrated and politically motivated. The facts in this violent incident are shocking. In these riots dangerous precedent of using students,children and women as shields has been started.

In Malda, a mob of 1000 allegedly used 100 children as human shield and hurled bombs and pelted stones at police. In Jamia Milia Islamia a Kerala based lady activist ,who supported Yakub Menon, Shielded a rioter from police men. She said police men would never attack ladies and was made SHERO by some media. Riots are not uniform, they are sporadic concentrated in specific states and universities like Jamia Milia Islamia (JMI) Delhi, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Lucknow, Moulana Azad University, Hyderabad, which are Institutes for minorities and left leaning Jadhavpur University, Kolkata & Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi. Protests in Jamia Milia Islamia (JMI) went very violent mob burning 100 two-wheelers, 20 private cars, 4 public buses, targeting police post and injuring around 30 police men, 2 of whom are critical in ICU. Protestors tried to put fire on a bus with civilians inside.

This resulted in public inconvenience by halting metro and bus services. Trains were burnt, buses were damaged, stones pelted at police and even civilians attacked and hurt by protestors in West Bengal. AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan has delivered a provocative speech addressing thousands of minorities and allegedly “After passing Triple Talak bill Narendra Modi and Amit Shah took our silence for their smartness” minutes before rampant violent attack. Videos of Amanatullah Khan serving food to rioters allegedly emerged. Nearly 25000 people including Amanatulla Khan, participated in the peaceful rally organized by Jamia students which became violent causing a lot of damage and inconvenience. Police appealed repeatedly to stop rioting. As the rioters set buses on fire the Police were forced to act strictly on rioters using tear gas shells, batons,etc.. and had to enter university to detain the protestors.

The truths which came out later are even more shocking. Sensing the trouble growing, the Proctor(disciplinary officer) of Jamia University has written to the Delhi Police for assistance to control situation,after which Delhi Police entered university.In the arrested protestors , there was not even one Jamia student. Nearly 30 police persons were injured and 2 critically injured in this orchestrated attack.

Surprisingly they riot violently ,damage public property ,hurt people and then go to court with help of political parties. Supreme court came down heavily on the rioters saying “Just because you happen to be students, this does not give you right to riot. If protests, violence and destruction of property continues, we will not hear the case” and warned rioters to stop violence. Chief Justice of India said “What option police has when some one breaks the law and pelts stones? Why were buses burned?” Supreme court refused to take up the case of Police action in JMI.

There is a set of political parties supporting the rioting students of whom many have maintained a stand against illegal immigrants and supported for giving citizenship to persecuted minorities previously. In 2003 ex congress PM Manmohan Singh requested the then home minister L. K. Advani for a more liberal approach on treating religiously persecuted minorities of Bangladesh.In 2005 Mamata Banerjee stormed to well of Loksabha, threw paper against the speaker demanding action against illegal immigrants in Bengal and campaigned in elections. Ex Congress Assam CM Tarun Gogoi campaigned against illegal immigrants and won elections. In 2012, Tarun Gogoi promised to fast track NRC in Assam and demanded granting citizenship status to persecuted minorities of Bangladesh. In 2012, CPI(M) general secretary Mr. Prakash Karat wrote letter to then PM Mr.Manmohan Singh to amend Citizenship act to provide quick citizenship to minority refugees of Bengal. Now all of them have taken U turn, spreading panic with lies and in a single voice condemning police and supporting rioters. AAP went a step ahead and falsely accused the police of burning buses.

Bangladesh says It will tack back illegal immigrants who have entered India. The process of identifying illegal immigrants has started. The relationship between India and Bangladesh is sweet and they will deal maturely with matter of illegal immigrants. Now the above words by Bangladesh show truth, practicality and maturity.

In Assam, the epicentre of illegal immigration, curfew has been lifted and things are getting normalized. But there are violent riots in SPECIFIC areas only. This definitely shows a strong political motivation behind these riots:

Who is rioting? Why are they rioting? Against whom are they rioting? For whom are they rioting?Will they riot against Bangladesh also now? Who gave them the right to damage public property and burn buses with citizens?

Rioters are not respecting constitution of India. They are not respecting fellow citizens. They don’t respect taxpayers properties. Any Indian lawful citizen irrespective of faith will not get affected by CAA. Article 11 gives right to parliament to regulate citizenship.

Every political party has to maintain peace in the country while expressing dissent. The congress in Rajasthan and Mamata government in Bengal has arrested women over social media posts. Left has arrested many citizens before Sabarimala verdict. Such parties supporting rioters and crying for their freedom shows their hypocrisy. The last thing expected from political parties is to use religion and students as tools and instigate violence and damaging public property of taxpayers’ money. Universities and students supporting and taking part in such politically motivated violent protests and later turning the blame on police and government is absolutely unwarranted and shows country in a bad light internationally. Media has to be unbiased and project a real picture and facts, not according to their own interests. It is such media and politicians who survive on the division and increase division of society.

Dr. B. Vinusha Reddy
M.D. (General Medicine)

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State Executive Committee Member, State Media Panelist , State In-Charge for Policy & Research ,Mahila Morcha BJP Andhra Pradesh
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