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EPS outwitted Stalin in alliance politics, made AIADMK Phoenix, nullified double anti-incumbency, DMK at the mercy of alliance and appeasement

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Even the hard core DMK supporter would admit in private that their leader has just won only the position in the party and that too because the major equity holder of DMK is Karnanidhi’s family otherwise Stalin would have be just the last level sympathiser of DMK.  But the real winner in Tamil Nadu politics is Edapadi Palanisamy popularly referred as EPS.

Stalin focused on negative politics, fear mongering and spreading lies and falsehood but on the contrary EPS focused on welfare of people, development and good governance.  Stalin aligned with congress party lead by one family whereas EPS aligned with BJP headed by Prime Minister Narendra  Modi and Amit Shah, two very honest, decisive, upright leaders who won the heart and soul of millions and millions of people.

Stalin followed the scripts and political narratives of Raghul Gandhi whereas EPS followed the governance style of Modi and showed courage and dignity in taking the state to next level of progress.

Stalin counted his success on alliance arithmetic but EPS counted his success in support base of people of the state. Stalin expected inner-party quibble in AIADMK would make him chief minister of Tamil Nadu but EPS followed the leadership style and dynamism of MGR and Amma as their shadow and regained the glory and dignity of the state and thereby continues as chief minister of the state.

Stalin abused Modi and blamed Modi for everything but EPS supported Modi and bridged the importance of centre-state relationship for the development and welfare of the state.

Today if we look at the situation of DMK and Stalin, it is quite sickening. Stalin cannot win next election without congress, VCK, MDMK and left parties. Even after AIADMK being in power for two consecutive terms, Stalin could not benefit anti-incumbency and instead need the alliance parties to become chief minister of the state.

Even after losing all most all parliamentary seats in the last parliament election EPS emerged winner, but Stalin, even after winning 37 of 38 parliament seats, lost the game, become irrelevant and his victory has gone sour and bitter than sweet to him.

Late MGR made a formula with congress party that the state belonged to AIADMK and he would lend his complete support to the centre in lieu of centre’s support to his government. Amma broke the formula, ensured centre and state, both belonged to AIADMK, reduced the congress party a fringe player but DMK resurrected congress, VCK, MDMK, left forces and finally Stalin made himself to be a dancing doll of his alliance partners.

Today congress party, VCK, MDMK and left front, all of them have assumed great significance in defeating and or ensuring the victory of DMK. On the contrary, EPS has made AIADMK the real Phoenix, defeated the family and dynastic culture that were about to swallow the party, showed them their place (TTV Dhinakaran) and made AIADMK the party of people, cadre and common man. Whereas Stalin made DMK truly and really a family property and only his son, son-in-law and other close knitted members have power to take decision in the party.

Competitive leadership and leader competition in AIADMK is only going to strengthen the party but the family ownership in DMK has started to distance the leaders from top level to ordinary cadre away from the party.

EPS proved that alliance parties need to work with AIADMK whereas Stalin made sure that DMK is at the mercy of alliance parties to win election.

From the pre-historic times, DMK has never won election purely due to its own strength or due to the support of people. Before the emergence of MGR, DMK had virtually no opponent and hence won the election easily. But after emergence of MGR till his demise, power was a day dream for the then patriarch of DMK, Karunanidhi.

After the demise of MGR, the party got split and such situation favoured DMK to come to power.  But Amma united the party and brought the party back to power. But Amma lost power mainly due to the bad repute she had to suffer due to Sasikala and her family. The anti-Amma wave then in the state favoured DMK to come to power. But the subsequent government headed by Amma focused on development, law and order and governance and hence once again DMK has to suffer sunset period. Again Amma came back to power for the second consecutive period after MGR.  But the sad demise of Amma rattled the party and its rank and file. But thanks to EPS, not only he proved he is the best and able captain but also ensured he alone can save the party.

Like Amma, EPS ensured AIDMK shall remain a strong party and come to power due to the support of people but Stalin buried his party to alliance for power and remain precarious and vulnerable to the alliance arithmetic. Without alliance DMK may not win even a single seat is the real situation in TN.

It is the time for the alliance parties to extract their pound of flesh from the alliance and must ensure DMK doesn’t contest enough number of seats to form government of its own and it can form government only with the alliance parties and agree for rotational chief minister-ship. This is the last chance for VCK, congress, MDMK and left parties to come to power in TN because DMK leadership is weak, evanescent and non-charismatic.

If Super Star enters the scene, the political landscape would change totally and then on, TN will be the land of good and progressive governance and it would be EPS versus Rajni.

As on date, EPS is the tallest and most efficient leader, next to MGR and Amma and other than that no one is there in the scene who really worth the appreciation of the people.

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