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An open letter to the “intellectual protestors”

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Dear protestors,
You all are protesting against the CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT ACT by citing “secularism”. Let me make it very clear that this is not a bill against a particular religion. This bill is for REFUGEES. The bill just makes it easier for the entry of persecuted minorities into India and is in accordance with the stands of the successive governments to grant citizenship to them.

Does the bill say that Muslims can’t enter India from the 3 countries? NO. Muslims can definitely enter India from these countries by the process of naturalisation. I.e. they have to live in India for a period of 11 years to apply for an Indian citizenship.

The act just relaxes the limit for Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis and Christians to 6 years!
So why were rules not eased for Muslims? Because they are not minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan and all these 3 nations are officially Islamic!

Citizenship Amendment act will never take away citizenship, it will only grant citizenship.
If the government had to appease Hindus, they could have got Hindus from Nepal and Bhutan too! But they haven’t done so.

Some parts of the North East has been exempted from the act in compliance with the 6th schedule of the Constitution which grants them autonomity and some states which comprise of the inner line permit (ILP). I bet most of you don’t know what these things are, but are speaking about it as if you are the Chief Justice of India.

What about the hypocrisy of Bollywood!

There is an “ASIAN” actress who had shared the picture of the preamble of the constitution before the 42nd amendment came in. She shared it without knowing that the word “secularism” was missing, which she apparently wanted to portray! Heights of illiteracy! And, allegedly, her brother has links with David Headley! Why is she barking so much?

Then, comes the son of a famous lyricist. A journalist asks him, “Why have you come here to protest?” and he replies,” Because everyone has come!” I am cent per cent sure that these people including you have never read text of the bill and don’t even know how a bill is passed in parliament and when a bill becomes an act.

You people protest in the name of secularism and article 14. Article 14 broadly gives equality before the law. Citizenship Amendment Act has no relation with article 14. Citizenship Amendment Act is valid constitutionally and the Supreme Court will re iterate this.

Also, I want to ask you, why didn’t you come out to protest against the practice of Triple Talaq?
Would you all hit the streets to protest against Nikah Halala and polygamy? Did you protest when a politician said, “tum 100 crore ho na. Hum 25 crore hai na. 10 minutes ke liye police hata do, hum dekh lenge”

Would you support the Uniform Civil Code citing article 14? Sickularism, huhh!

Our country is burning since almost a week now. It is our money which is being burnt indirectly. We have to stand up and bust this propaganda. Enough is enough!

In the end I would request you to read the text of the entire act and see for yourself what is written in it and what isn’t!

You people who make it a Hindu Muslim issue want to keep their communal shops running so that you all can fill your money bags. Remember, perpetrators of violence have vested interests!
Protesting is not wrong. But protesting violently is a point of concern and the so called protestors have to be arrested under the PSA act.

I am sorry to make this article communal but these so called “intellectual protestors” have compelled me to speak my heart out.
-An ordinary citizen

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