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Sharad Pawar exposed the dishonesty and putra moh of Shiv Sena using the alliance dharma of NCP-INC in all consultations and decision making

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Sharad Pawar has thoroughly exposed the dishonesty and greed of Shiv Sena to make own son as Chief Minister of Maharashtra and to achieve the above goal, how Shiv Sena has betrayed the mandate of people.

From the beginning NCP chief as well as the congress leadership re-iterated the fact that both NCP and INC contested election as alliance partner and hence they would discuss the issue of supporting or sharing power with Shiv Sena only jointly and all decisions also shall be taken jointly and never individually. The above political stand of NCP and INC maintained from the beginning has made it loud and clear to the public that Shiv Sena had contested the election along with BJP as an alliance partner and projected Devendra Fadnavis as Chief Minister face of the alliance and won the majority and then Shiv Sena broke the alliance due to its Putra Moh.

The alliance partners of NDA to UPA or vice versa leaving the alliance during election season is quite common. Although such migration is criticized but at pre-poll level, if the parties shift their sides, no great criticism, we can attribute to such stand.  Similarly when the political group fail miserably in election, leaving the alliance by certain partners is also quite common.

But contesting the election as an important alliance partner and then the alliance having won the majority to form government, the important alliance partner ditching the alliance out of putra moh and joining hands with those political forces that were bitterly opposed during election is a new shocking political culture, Shiv Sena has not only inaugurated but also has introduced in Indian politics. This dangerous political culture, India must defeat and all those supported also must be show the door permanently.

NCP and INC has repeatedly exposed the dishonesty of Shiv Sena, made them feel ashamed and look silly when Shiv Sena had rushed to the Governor’s residence to stake claim with the hope that the letter of support from both NCP and INC would come straight to Governor’s residence and finally the suspicious act of NCP directing a possible secret understanding with the centre; where much before the time given to NCP ends, the party had given letter to the Governor that the party needs more time so that such claim would be rejected by the Governor and that would facilitate the central government to impose President’s rule in Maharashtra so that the business of bargain can be done more rigorously with Shiv Sena……..all these points toward only one direction that Shiv Sena must behave obediently and must remain faithful and loyal listener, must exhibit patience etc., if it wants fulfil its Putra Moh.

Now Shiv Sena has no choice but to follow its master NCP and save its face. 


Shiv Sena cannot go back to BJP as Amit Shah has said it clearly that BJP had never given any such promise and BJP-Shiv Sena fought election under Devendra Fadnavis and hence the desire of Udhav Thackeray to make his son Adithya Thackeray as Chief Minister of Maharashtra cannot be accepted because people of Maharashtra has elected Fadnavis and not Adithya Thackeray.

Further the democracy. People’s mandate and the ethos of political parties should not be meant to fulfil personal ambitions and family needs of a particular family but to develop the state and achieve sab ka vikas.

Already Shiv Sena has seen its peril.  NCP and INC has repeatedly evoked the sense that they follow alliance dharma and hence would consult and decide jointly but Shiv Sena has broken the alliance and betrayed the mandate of people. Today Shiv Sena is in a state of utter helplessness and it can’t swallow nor can spit out the dirty politics that it had started and has to live with pain until death.


People of India are not going to forgive the butchery of democracy by Shv Sena for its personal greed and wish.  Similarly the congress party is doing nothing but moving from devil to deep sea by aligning with Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena, when comes to power, it doesn’t want to follow its hard core Hindutwa ideology and similarly congress party when comes to power, will not follow the so called secular principles and minority right.

India can be saved only if all Indians re-trace our great Hindu cultural identity and support Modi and BJP unconditionally. Let us make India Ram Rajya with sacred Hindu culture and tradition.

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