Secular goons losing mind on Ram Mandir verdict

Faizan Mustafa who is Vice Chancellor of NALSAR University of Law lost his mind and started denying historical facts in his Indian Express column.

He made a foolish argument that faith was kept about evidence law.

Well one cannot deny historical facts. Russians built Orthodox Church in Poland which was once capital of Roman Catholic. This was done to establish Russian supremacy. After Independence Poland pulled that Russian Church down.

This is exactly what Muslims did in Ayodhya. Hindus have solid evidence that Temple was destroyed to build mosque on the basis of Archaeological evidence.

But the claim that idols were kept only in 1949 has no evidence. Was there any credible witness to reiterate that fact? Answer is No.

In fact giving Muslims 5 acre land is insult to law and they are getting special privilege just because they are Muslims. As both Hindus (Nirmohi Akhada and other) and Muslims continued to claim land therefore Supreme Court asked Govt to make trust.

The illegal occupation of Muslims were challenged several times from British era and even in early Independent India till now.

No Justice to Hindus when Temples were destroyed in Kashmir in 1990s.Even West Bengal lost temples due to Jihadist mob under Left rule.
Many illegal mosques built over temples were challenged.
Even minority status claimed by Muslims is illegal. Because you need to define minority which cannot be greater than 5%.

Foolish arguments by secular goons to dishonor Supreme Court is utterly shameful.

Secular goons wish to deny every evidence against jihadist we cannot continue to appease them

Aradhana Kaul.

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