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Adamant dynast who wants to remain ‘UN-TEACHABLE’, no amount of defeats is going to help Congress party

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All great men in the past had endured great struggle, faced criticism and treachery and finally the great men became victorious because they always followed the path of truth, honesty and dharma.

From that perspective the journey of our dear Prime Minister of India- Narendra Modi from an ordinary, pauper tea seller to Prime Minister of India, every Indian must learn and get inspired. Modi has undergone several personal criticism, abuse and treachery hatched by congress party.  But he came victorious because he always stood with truth, believed firmly in corruption free governance, focused on development of the country, sab ka vikas, national security etc. PM Modi also opposed dynastic politics, nepotism and the culture of sycophancy because dynastic politics is the mother of corruption.

Lord Krishna and Lord Ram too suffered greatly at the hands of several evil forces but they endured all the odds to protect dharma, truth and humanity. PM Modi in fact rank equals to all those divine forces, testifies the message of truth and development in world politics.

On the contrary the Indian National Congress party led by one family and its un-teachable dynast remain adamant not to learn anything from its repeated defeats but wants to continue the same old corrupt, divisive, lie and hate ridden politics and politics of minority appeasement.

It is mentioned in the history that the independence of Scotland as a country was led by its then king Robert Bruce. Interestingly Robert Bruce got his inspiration from the tireless efforts and confidence of a spider as it was trying again and again to spin its web in a cave where the weather was continuously impeding the attempt of the spider and finally how the spider had won its mission.

Even a spider knows the importance of hard work; tireless spirit and honesty are the necessary ingredients for success. But the dynast and the congress party still believes in attacking and abusing Modi is the best way for success.

The dynast once called PM Modi chor with the freedom being granted to him (bail gadi) by the court against corruption case in National Herald. The dynast attributed even the Honourable Supreme Court of India has stated ‘Chor’ rhetoric and when Supreme Court intervened, tendered an unconditional apology. But again he continued his story of calling PM Modi chor and created noise pollution by crying out in public that there is a big scam in Rafale deal.

The Honourable Supreme Court of India had rejected the petition of the so called self- declared intellectuals, the end point of honesty and born- patriots by clearly stating that court cannot order inquiry based on the perception so a few individuals. Virtually no scam in Rafale deal and Modi is honest and has done no wrong.

The judgment of Honourable Supreme Court of India is indeed victory of truth and defeat of a lie being promoted by certain evil forces. But even after defeat, unfortunately all those negative forces and the party of the dynast are claiming there is a scam.

The question is when the congress party and its un-teachable dynast would learn some politics and start to speak truth to India. Congress party is going to hit the last nail in its own coffin by aligning with Shiv Sena to grab power. Ironically both Shiva Sena and Congress were fighting to finish each other until election was over in Maharashtra but now they have decided to join together so that they can self-perish in a sweet way where neither the congress nor Shiv Sena have to blame each other when they are buried under the rumbles of history.

At least in politics in the last 4 decades in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena and Congress could not work together but now they have decided at least in death, we shall work together and die together.

India must stand united to support PM Modi and Amit Shah to save India from corrupt, dynastic forces. People should give decisive mandate to BJP and must defeat all regional forces only then BJP can form a stable government in all states and New India can be built around honesty, development and sab ka vikas.

At national level, the congress party of the dynast must be defeated and at regional levels, many regional forces work against the ethos of one India and one cultural heritage called Hinduism. Let us expose the negative, divisive politics all those tukde tukde gangs and shall repose our trust and hope in Modi and let us save India.

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