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Shastra Pooja by our defence minister for Rafale versus Pariwar Pooja by sycophants of Congress

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Some of the prominent congress leaders find lot of fun in our Honourable Defence Minister performing Shasta pooja to the new Rafale fighter jet the ministry has purchased from France.

It is our culture and tradition that all those both animate and inanimate objects around us and helping us in various forms to live happily are worshiped as god during Navaratri pooja.

India is a land of sacred Hinduism, spirituality, Swami Vivekananda and Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Ramana and land of Lord Ram and Krishna. Today India is fortunate to have Shri Modi as its Prime Minister.

India is prospering and growing steadily because millions and millions people are coming back our ancient Hindu civilization thanks to the good and corruption free governance of Modi. Modi is attempting to achieve total and complete growth and development of India where every citizen grow both externally and also from within. Only by having responsible and accountable citizen, new India can be built and not by institutionalizing and patronizing corruption, minority appeasement, nepotism and dynastic politics as followed by UPA 1 and 2 and which suffered the worst level of corruption allegations such as 2G, CWG, Coal block allocation, Aircell maxis, INX Media, Adharsh…. etc.

People of India are extremely happy and proud of our Honourable Defence Minister performing Sastha pooja to Rafale fighter jet inducted into our defence force. Being kind and graceful even to the inanimate objects around us is our culture. If the environment around us is not respected and protected, our existence become difficult is the culture of Hinduism.

Hinduism eloquently and profoundly perpetuate the universal law that

धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः
 तस्माद्धर्मो हन्तव्यो मा नो धर्मो हतोऽवधीत्

It means, dharma protects only those who uphold and protect dharma and not those who destroy or mock or malign it. Even dharma also needs to be protected. Hinduism promotes all such values only to re-in force human values and humility time and again.

Unfortunately some of the congress party leaders find some extra joy and happiness over mocking shastra pooja being performed to Rafale fighter jet.

The culture of worship or pooja was introduced only by the congress party in Indian politics.

The sycophants and those in the pay list of congress party when started to praise and worship one family and even made the un-teachable dynast to become the president of the age old congress party, they were in fact doing pariwar pooja. For congress men pariwar pooja, pooja to Priyanka Vadra, Radhul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Robert Vadra are fine but Shastra pooja only is not appropriate. The fighter get that is going to offer extra defence to our life should not be worshiped according to congress party but worshiping one family is fine.

DMK is so generous in greeting Christians and Muslims for Christmas and various Islamic festivals but not Hindus for several Hindu festivals. Today the congress party has displayed its true learning from DMK and hence mocks Shastra pooja.

The big question before Indians is that should we need such congress party in India that mocks, giggle and snigger at Hinduism by allowing some of its leaders to criticize Shastra pooja to Rafale?

Every Indian is Hindu and Bharatiya, even if they follow different religious faiths and belief system. Hinduism is sacred because Hinduism is evanescent, open, embracing and ever loving.

India that is Bharat is strong, time tested and glorious because of Hinduism. India that is Bharat is diverse, multi-religious, multi lingual because India was, is and shall be a Hindu rastra. If India were Islamic state or Christian state, neither of these religions would have allowed such diversity to exist in India. India would have been declared as either Islamic or Christian state long before. But Hinduism even gracefully accepted the new tag called ‘secular’ to accommodate all those foreign religious beliefs and those who abuse India and work against our sacred culture. 

Indians must wake to the new reality, must start to re-trace our great past, sacred Hinduism and its teachings to build a new Bharat otherwise called New India. The dream of new India can be fulfilled not by just working towards such goal but also by defeating all negative forces that are engaged in minority appeasement, abusing Hinduism and abusing our divine leader Modi.

Good governance by a noble leader needs no opposition. For the God and divinity to exist, we don’t need ghost and evil forces and hence people must work together to disintegrate and eliminate all opposition parties in India that sell lies, negativity and anti-India rhetoric. Support Modi and save India.


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