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Obituary of lie, hate and negative politics of DMK in TN has come with the victory of AIADMK

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The massive victory of AIADMK candidates in both assembly constituencies such Vikravandi and Nanguneri in Tamil Nadu has put an end to the politics of lie, negativity, hatred and anti-Modi rhetoric of DMK and its associates. Both the constituencies were belonged to DMK and Congress in the last assembly election and hence the victory of AIADMK is far more stupendous as AIDMK has snatched the victory from DMK alliance.

DMK with its media, money and muscle might has been successfully doing politics of negativity and lie against Modi and scaring the minority community till the last election to the parliamentary constituency in Vellore but people of TN have started to realize that DMK is doing such negative politics only to establish and bring back its dynasty politics to power and not for the people of the state.  Close to 60% vote AIADMK has secured in the recent by-poll by pushing DMK alliance to mere 36% of vote share.  The hidden aspect of the big game is that congress has performed better than DMK.

Truth alone triumph, lie cannot live any longer, dharma and honesty cannot be disfigured by negativity and evil designs, all those Hindu sayings have come true with the recent by-poll election result.

DMK and its affiliates cleverly crafted a narrative against Modi and to some extent brain washed the people for its electoral gains.   Stalin at one end opposes Brahmins and simultaneously promoted a self-acclaimed Brahmin, Shiv Bhakt Raghul Gandhi as the prime minister candidate of India and which, even the congress party did not dare to do. Every issue like Sterilite, Methane extraction, NEET etc., which were initiated by DMK and congress, but DMK cleverly accused Modi to the prime cause for all such initiatives which were against Tamil people. Initially some people in TN believed the DMK and later realized that by supporting DMK, the state can only travel backward and never progress with the exception that the dynasty politics of DMK alone prosper and become powerful.

The vision of MGR, Amma and Chief Minister-ship of EPS with the continuous guidance of Modi and other alliance parties alone can save the state and develop and not the family politics. In the name of social justice, caste prejudice and caste based politics is only happening and MGR and Amma were the true leaders of social justice like how Modi is the messiah of sab ka vikas. Modi wants India and Indians to develop but the dynastic parties want their family to develop.

The recent defeat of DMK and congress in TN is not defeat but victory for congress party and VCK. Stalin is just an ordinary DMK cadre and does not have any leadership charisma or political acumen like Karunanidhi and thanks the party built by Anna and Stalin being the son of Karunanidhi could head the party.

DMK today appears like a headless roach.

VCK and congress can really flex their muscle and can tame DMK. The next assembly election is going to be a do or die battle for DMK. If DMK loses that would be an end of DMK and hence DMK would be ready to make any compromise and sacrifice with its alliance partners to come back to power. Therefore if VCK and congress ever wants to grow and become more relevant and significant must psychologically attack DMK from now on and must place their demand in power. As a part of social justice, even the demand of rotational chief minister-ship to VCK and a person from Vanniyar community etc., also they must place. If VCK and congress party ever allow DMK or Stalin to become strong that would be end of their political growth. DMK need alliance and not the alliance parties therefore limit the size of DMK and propose coalition government headed by VCK or a person from different communities to ensure social justice.

Hope DMK would end hate politics and politics of negativity, lies, anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Hindi and anti-Modi sloganeering.

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