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A Political Science graduate, Writer, Playwright, Actor, Director & Columnist

History repeats itself – This is as old as history itself but the irony is though everyone knows it, nobody appears to believe this, otherwise we will not be witnessing so many farce being enacted before our eyes. During the 2016 U S Presidential Elections, not many believed in a Trump victory, it was said, but the fact was only the elite and the ruling class did not believe it. The common man was very much confident of a Clinton loss, or rather wished for it.

As the campaigns and fight for nominations are getting hotter and hotter, the Democratic party is committing hara-kiri of sorts, refusing the learn the lessons from the debacle of 2016. More than the victory of Trump, the defeat of Hillary Clinton was attributed to the interference into the election system by Russia. In fact, this aspect was probed by different agencies but none of them was able to establish anything against Trump, as a result Trump emerged as the victim of a vilification campaign of a virulent vermin.

The allegation was Russian backed hackers hacked into the email servers of Clinton which resulted in her loss. When the alleged collaboration of Trump and his son, partners with Russian government and his business interests in Russia, were subjects of impassioned discussions and accusations all through his first term, nobody bothered to answer one question, never raised by the powers-that-be, which was what was so damaging that the emails contained which led to her loss. This was foremost in the minds of the average American who was disillusioned with the policies of the Democratic party. As far as the problem of illegal immigrants is concerned, the policy of the Democratic party was to welcome them whole-heartedly, give them all the privileges of an American citizen even when they are illegal immigrants. The main constituency of the Democratic party was the blue-collar workers and the illegal immigrants, when they get right to vote. The affluent and conservative Americans always tended to support the GOP, the Republican party.

This is the dilemma which the Democratic party never realized in the run up to the elections 2016. The average blue-collar worker was threatened by the influx of illegal immigrants who took away his jobs but the Democratic party remained oblivious to this concern, which was to be its undoing. On the other hand, Build the wall was one of Trump’s election slogan and there was nothing wrong in implementing his election promise but the Democratic party came into the way of funding to this project, leading to a worst confrontation between the administration and the President, even threatening to stall the government.

In the run-up to the 2020 election, the Democratic party is falling to the same bait, proved effective in the 2016 elections – alleged interference of a foreign nation into the election process. It was fact that Trump called President of Ukraine and asked him to investigate Joe Biden and his son who had business interests in Ukraine. Trump admitted such a call was made and also released transcript of the call. The Democratic party and the press, called corrupt press by Trump, are terming this as brazen act of asking a foreign nation to interfere into the election process. If Joe Biden, the probable Democratic candidate for the 2020 elections, has got nothing to hide, why anyone should be afraid of any investigation by any country? Everybody knows well that any investigation will take months and even after that, it is very difficult to establish anything conclusively, unless there is something lurking underneath which has the potential to really damage the reputation of Joe Biden. This is the simple question which the elite refuse to acknowledge whereas the average American is aware of which is alienating the masses from the Democratic party.

By trying to initiate the process of impeachment against Trump, an impression is being created that this was a ploy to scuttle the investigation against Joe Biden which is gaining strength among the voters and which the wily Trump is sure to exploit. The Democratic party leaders are mirroring the Congress leaders from India — creating vote bank from illegal immigrants, wary of investigations, pushing national interests to the background etc. Though Trump has been accused of disturbing the economy with his unilateral actions against China, it is also an undisputed fact that for the first time, China has softened its stand and urging the US government for talks and offering concessions. It is also another important point that these actions by Trump have hurt Chinese economy more than US economy and it is a strategic move in geopolitics, when China is trying to create neo-colonies for itself under the guise of One Bridge One Road.

It will not be surprising if Trump romps home with an increased victory margin, decimating the Democrats on the way to the White House for the second term. However, he should thank only the Democratic party and not his own party colleagues or supporters for the victory.

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A Political Science graduate, Writer, Playwright, Actor, Director & Columnist
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