Monday, July 15, 2024


US Presidential election 2020

Will “Trump Raj” in the U.S. and “Jungle Raj” in Bihar return?

The election battle grounds are heating up and are in the final stretches in Bihar and the U.S. with Modi playing role in both.

The voter shall always have the last word-MSM & pollsters learn Their lessons

MSM and psephologists would do well to be humbled by this experience, lest they are rudely humbled, again and again, by the little man or woman with the little vote.

How important is Donald Trump for India?

India needs Trump support in respect of Trade, Terrorism and Geo-politics. In exchange, the US will get a giant manufacturing market for investment and a strategic pillar for the USA to counter rising China.

Modified Trump

It will not be surprising if Trump romps home with an increased victory margin, decimating the Democrats on the way to the White House for the second term.

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