Islamic lies in Ram Janmabhoomi case

Irony that surrounds India- A person can question birth place of Lord Ram but can you question existence of Muhammad with same intensity?

It is clear after examining marathon hearing of Ram Janmabhoomi case that Muslim side has no facts only secular rhetoric is their game-play.

Dhavan, appearing for the Muslim parties, created a flutter after he took strong objection to senior advocate Vikas Singh, appearing for a faction of All India Hindu Mahasabha (AIHM), relying on a site map and books written by foreign and Indian authors to buttress claims that the central dome of the now demolished structure was the birthplace of the deity.

Muslim side do not wish to believe Archaeological Survey of India, they wish to deny map and books written by foreign and Indian authors. They wish to refute every credible evidence and want their own secular dramebaazi to be supreme.

Muslims asked for ownership on the claim that they were the first and long time owners(doctrine of adverse possession).

Vaidyanathan said if the Muslim side claimed title over the disputed land under the doctrine of adverse possession, they will have to accept that the deity or the temple was the previous real owner.

Vikas Singh said the plea of Muslim parties that grants were given by a Board in 1860 during the British regime to Babri mosque for its upkeep was untenable as the Board was dissolved by the Government of India Act two years before in 1858.

One cannot keep on defending lies under the secular garb. Rajiv Dhawan started his theory of Aryan invasion to defend cruel demolition of temples by Islamic invaders like Babur.

One needs to admit that secularism is not bigger than facts and evidences.

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