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9 reasons why India is famous worldwide

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Ashish Gautam is a Yogi From India. He has immense knowledge of yoga and meditation that he earned from several yoga gurus in India. He is living in Rishikesh India.

There is no easy way to say this, but India and Yoga are inseparable. The whole world either knows India for yoga or spicy curry flavors. But there’s so much more to the magnificent land which is also one of the emerging superpowers. Before we make this blog a shameless cesspit of stereotypes, some magical qualities about India must come to your attention. Thanks to the internet culture, many are becoming aware of the diversity of this country and making time to visit India. The holy land of Nirvana, meditation, and yoga is now the biggest institution for yoga teacher training for many westerners.

As the true ancient wisdom of yoga comes from India—a colorful land wrapped in several layers of spirituality—people are finding things here that they usually don’t find anywhere else. A country immersed in chaos is internally a center of peace if you pay enough attention to it. India is famous not for one but many reasons, courtesy of its vibrant culture and heartwarming hospitality. If you’re planning to make a trip to India, there’s a reason why you are here. Let’s help you find the best things that this Indian subcontinent contains.

Here are 9 things that will make you fall in love with India:

1. Ayurveda

Life science or Ayurveda is a combination of many virtues and practices put together to live a life where the mind, body, and soul are attuned together. Ancient medicinal care with herbs and body cleansing rituals are practiced along with a Sattvic diet to align the mind with the body. Ayurveda has proven benefits and many patrons return to India to help their bodies cleanse from stress and complicated lifestyles of the secular world they live in. Getting Ayurveda treatment in India is not a bad choice if you want to undo many bad choices in life.

2. The Land of Beauty


India happens to be a subcontinent that has mountains and seas, plateaus and valleys, waterfalls and deserts, and plenty of breathtaking views that promise to leave you spellbound. A land of diversity, India never fails to amuse you if you enter it with an open heart and eternal love for humankind. The places serve as great spiritual factor to several travelers who are on a quest to find their spirituality.

3. Monumental monuments

If you’re visiting India and don’t get a chance to hold the Taj Mahal by its tip while getting clicked, consider your trip half-made. People make a pilgrimage to the iconic monument in Agra, a marbled marvel that will astonish you as much as it enthralls your mind. Other iconic monuments include the tall and formidable Qutab Minar in Delhi, picturesque temples in the South and the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. If you’re big on sightseeing, India is the place to be. And it’s widely known for its monuments, too.


4. Spicy food

The place of chicken tikka and chicken tandoori, India also happens to serve great vegetarian food. Those of us who flock to the country to attain spiritual merit, chicken tikka is off the menu. As several disciplines of Yoga and Ayurveda don’t encourage eating anything that’s killed to serve the appetite of others. But India is also a great place to try spicy vegetarian food that will make you question your non-vegetarian food habits. A great place to change eating habits, India is no less than a food institution.

5. The Land of Tea

India is the nectar of oriental tea herbs. Nestled in northeastern hills, large tea estates produce exotic herbs such as Earl Grey, Classic Assam Tea, and much more to help you taste the flavor of India. The iconic Masala Chai is a must that will never fail you if you plan to visit India. Tea has made India a popular place for several global tea connoisseurs who simply like to explore the territory of exotic beverages.

6. Majestic Animal Kingdom

The land of Bengal tiger and spellbinding peacocks, India serves as a green home to several endangered species of animals. While many tigers roam the Western Ghats, several alligators hide in mangroves of Bengal. Find yourself in the company of many monkeys who like to visit the temples around the city. Feed them and they’ll leave you alone.

7. The Land of Yoga

Needless to say, the very best of yoga teacher training in India comes from India. Several teachers who have been lucky enough to learn the practice from great spiritual masters now teach how to do yoga gracefully to many people. Those who come to learn yoga in India take these teachings to several other parts of the world, making the globe a better place for everyone. Yoga has emerged as a great force that enables us to align our minds to our bodies, healing body energies that most modern medicines don’t. The world is waking up to the power of yoga and many are experiencing great results all over the world. India is undoubtedly the place to be if you want to make yoga a lifelong spiritual practice.

8. Meditation

Long before scientists all over the world claimed its benefits, several sages across India were already teaching the art of meditation to many. India has been a great source of meditation practice that also combines yoga. Drawing inspiration from ancient religious texts of Hindu & Buddhist origin, great spiritual masters of India shared their wisdom on how to train the mind with love and compassion. Come to India if you want to take a pilgrimage to your own mind which is the farthest place to reach for so many of us.

9. Kaleidoscope of Culture

India is home to several religions, but mainly Hinduism. It allows for multi-lingual diversities and people with a different cast, color, and creed live together, discovering an inclusive way of living every day. With the immense potential for hospitality, India continues to be the place that has to offer a lot of love and service to many who come from different parts of the world to find a place of their own.

If these reasons aren’t enough for you, just experience this country by yourself and you’ll definitely return back with a deep desire in your heart to come back once more.

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Ashish Gautam is a Yogi From India. He has immense knowledge of yoga and meditation that he earned from several yoga gurus in India. He is living in Rishikesh India.

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