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The new Motor Vehicle (amendment) Act would bring good parenting in India

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The newly implemented motor vehicle (amendment) act would certainly bring new dimension and speed to good parenting in India. Drunk and drive by youths, driving without licence, not wearing helmet, seat best, not following traffic rules, not insuring the vehicle, not having all the relevant documents etc., are not due to just temptation or growing need or lack of adequate commutation facility in India but it is also due to missing of good parenting.

India is losing its glorious Hindu culture and is enduring insult and criticism from the so called secular liberals and dynastic political forces. When hefty fine is imposed for the traffic violation, naturally such stricture would bring the importance of parenting into the scene. If the children were taught and made morally conscious about the importance of following traffic rules, must wear helmet, must wear seat best, must obtain license to drive or ride motor vehicle etc., from the childhood, certainly the youths would not succumb to temptation; several untimely accident deaths in our roads can be avoided.

The problem in India is not about lack of law or strict punishment measures. Whenever PM Modi propose to bring new set of discipline in public life, the entire opposition makes an outcry to divert the attention of the common man. Today some of the opposition parties are opposing the new motor vehicle act due to hefty fine attached with the offence.  How can we control the offences and violations?

Theft must be eliminated but there should not be any punishment is the dirty politics of congress party and other tukde tukde gangs.

They are right from one point that many of them are facing legal proceedings for the allegations of various scams and money laundering and therefore if they are convinced that they are guilty naturally they must speak against punishment. From the legal point of view, they are also offenders.

Swacch Bharat mission initiated by Modi became a great success because he did not perpetuate the message as political slogan but did provide crores of sanitation facilities to the poor people and then integrated them to the mission. PM Modi is implementing every mission by integrating people into the mission by understanding their fundamental needs and providing them appropriately.

Today the only way to avoid traffic violations is through strict punishment measures. The punishment measure is going to bring a new change in parenting. Parents must create sufficient awareness about road safety and importance of following the rules. Due to politics of dynasty and corruption many such reforms did not happen in India so such an effect also collectively eroded the element of road safety moral teaching in parenting.

We must reform our society not just economically so that everyone has all luxury but we also must reform our society socially and consciously. The sacred Hinduism is full of moral and ethical learning like compassion and love for conserving environment through sacred groove, worshiping trees and cow as god etc. But the pseudo-secular politics of congress party and other tukde tukde gangs through minority appeasement has destroyed the sacredness and serenity of the living culture called Hinduism.

During Mahabharat war, the charioteers were chosen based on the profound knowledge about the laws in battle ground, how to save the life of the king, how to manoeuvre the chariot in the batter ground etc.  The importance of traffic rule analogy we can find in Mahabharat war.

Lord Krishna himself chose to be the charioteer of Arjuna itself shows the importance of traffic rules and its importance. Instead of several states opposing the new act, must support Modi to ensure no more life is lost due to not following or adhering to the traffic rules.

The new motor vehicle act will certainly bring responsible parenting where our future generation will be responsible and morally conscious of traffic rules and its importance. People of India must stay united to support PM Modi for taking several such measures to make India a great land, politics free of dynastic culture and corruption.

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