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Teacher’s day: One day of tokenism

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It is Teacher’s Day today. September 5th, 2019.
And I am a teacher. Social media especially Facebook has status posts, comments, quotes and what have you on celebration of the day. Am I happy? Why not? I just wish, people who are so gung ho about the day today have this or at least a modicum of respect throughout the year.

I am a cynic I admit. So the over enthusiastic celebrations of any particular day leave me bemused. I do not get angry but I just wonder what purpose does a random day make? Isn’t this hypocrisy much? In a society, where success is measured by money, power and fame, teachers have no social prestige. I am not talking of valued Principals but an ordinary teacher. When you say you are a teacher, the kind of barely hidden disparagement says it all. Unless you work in a school, which is “known”, who cares?

Leave the society alone. Let us speak of our political leaders. The education sector hardly gets any budgetary funds. Out of those, most are watered down for proper building infrastructure and furniture, basic fixtures etc. How much is allocated for Teacher’s salaries.

Yes, we have the 7th Pay Commission according to wch salaries of Teacher’s is extremely good. But how many schools across the country have implemented this . Barely half a dozen private schools of Delhi. Not everyone has a government job. Down the Vindhyas , Vice Principal posts are advertised for a meagre 25000 p.m . PGTs get 15000 and I hardly have the heart to see the rest.
When one applies to a school, there is no uniformity in the salary pattern. It’s all a focus pocus “as per the school norms”. Pray, why so? The least the government can do is to make it mandatory for ALL SCHOOLS ACROSS THE COUNTRY to pay as per 7th CPC. Yes, I am aware that it is a State subject, but what is the problem in having a inform salary structure? If you have the guts and ‘vision’ to remove Article 370, surely this is not impossible?

If not, then keep cribbing about low teaching standards in the interiors and keep getting amusement out of a teacher’s thick accent.

As for Teacher’s, if the Tokenism of one day makes you satisfied, I am happy for you all. But it makes me not merely dissatisfied but frustrated.


Why is teaching so often treated as a non profession? Why is a teacher regarded as a person who can be kicked around by authorities as well as parents? Why can’t a teacher tell the students to behave? Disciplining students with any word, deed or action is not permitted.

When will we really value our teachers? The profession which creates all others. When will they be genuinely respected?

When will our teachers earn enough for the work they do, viz, tteaching, classroom management, record keeping, corrections, setting papers, events organising and management and so much more….?


When will that day dawn when one does not need a Day to remember the contribution of the teachers, mentors and guides , but remembers them like one’s parents?

Tall order, I guess! Till the answers come, let me also wish myself, “Happy Teacher’s Day”.

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