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Pulling Babul Supriyo by hair through the side of a so-called intellectual student wing is nothing but a mere juvenile act, which is a cry before its death

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In a recent childish act of the left-wing students in the Jadavpur University of West Bengal, has exposed the hypocrisy of the leftists as well as Mamata Bannerjee. On Thursday, September 19, 2019, Babul Supriyo visited Jadavpur University to address in a seminar organized by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). Union Minister Babul Supriyo was shown black flags and allegedly heckled by some students at Kolkata’s Jadavpur University. Mr. Supriyo was held up in the campus with protesting students blocking the way to his car, news agency Press Trust of India reported.

The Union Minister alleged that he was manhandled by the students. “I did not come here to do politics. But I am saddened by the behavior of some of the students of the university, the way they have heckled me. They pulled me by my hair and pushed me,” he was quoted as saying by PTI.

He was initially stopped from entering the campus. Students affiliated to the Students Federation of India — the student’s wing of the CPM — and the Left-leaning Arts Faculty Students’ Union (AFSU) raised “Babul Supriyo Go Back” slogans. AFSU leader Debraj Debnath, who participated in the protest, said “fascist forces” will not be allowed on the campus.

The Asansol MP faced protests again on his way out, around 5 pm

“Whatever they may try to do, they cannot provoke me. The role of the opposition in keeping democracy alive is as important as that of the ruling party, and it is also necessary to listen to the differences patiently,” he posted on Twitter, condemning the “stampede-like situation”.

 A childish act of wily left wing, will not save them from their death. 

The so-called intellectuals, who have also won last several student elections in JNU as well as Jadavpur University, and their ideologue has frequently been vocal over the voice of dissent, claiming it as freedom of expression have exposed themselves by resisting the Union Minister to speak in the University campus. Their protest, which was not non-violent, expressed that they, in reality, never believed in the freedom of expression. For them, freedom of expression meant only their voice and idea, whereas they could not tolerate somebody else’s ideas. They exposed their nature of intolerance for which they have criticized BJP- ABVP for a long time. 

A student, who is a learner and a reader, always hear all voices, but the protest made people feel that they’re not students, but the goons. Yes! As Goons never hear the voice of opposition, Left-wing students did the same, by attacking Union Minister, in the varsity. One should notice, that the AISA led left wing is also trying to end the culture of discussion and debate, where two or more thoughts meet and discuss their ideas. But when one party refuses to hear some other party’s voice, they attack the culture of debate and discussion. It must be noticed that a university without debates and discussion is a mere lecture building. 

The Left-wing student federations have not just attacked the very democratic culture of debate and discussion but also mislead the students by not allowing Babul Supriyo to enter in the varsity. Calling leaders as Fascist is the very favorite charge of Leftists, which they’re doing since the ages. Although their charge has been rejected by the People of this country. Babul Supriyo is a Member of Parliament from Asansol, calling him a fascist means calling people’s choice a fascist, i.e. protesting rejecting people’s decision. 

People will again hit back Mamata’s Politics of Hatred.  

Misbehavior with a union minister in a state-run university also indicates that the state government failed in giving security to a Union Minister. This is not a first time when an MP or a national level leader has been attacked in Bengal, earlier during the General Elections of 2019, the then Rajya Sabha MP and BJP’s national leader Amit Shah and his caravan was also attacked. 

In today’s scenario, somehow the state Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar and Vice-Chancellor saved the Union Minister from the mob, which saved students and the minister from a calamity like a stampede situation. People have rejected Mamata’s hatred politics in the general elections of 2019, and will surely show her mirror in the upcoming assembly elections. 

Neither Left-wing students’ juvenile act of resisting a Union Minister to enter in a State university nor Mamata’s hatred politics will be accepted in future. Both the political ideas have been rejected by people, so the parties must take a lesson from the dying Congress party so that the people of this great country would be benefitted. 

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