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It is often pointed out that BJP-RSS and its affiliated organizations wants to impose Hindi over Tamil and other Dravidian languages. They saw this as a threat to their classical languages. Many nationalist leaders have often asked to declare Hindi as the national language and all official work to be carried out in Hindi. This type of demand always draws much criticism from non-Hindi speaking states especially Tamil Nadu.

Raising demands such like this in a country which is home to a diverse variety of people with distinction in their religion, language, customs and even race is completely irrational and an act of confrontation. Moreover, it directly violates the foundation of our constitution.

The worst consequence it brings up is the rift it creates between North and South. It works as a catalyst to further escalate the anti-north sentiments in south.

Having said that, it is equally important to explore and understand the reasons which drive some people to raise such demands.

First, in North, Hindi is not the only language to be spoken and that too is spoken in many variants and dialects. So, this is not north v/s south as it is always presumed. And this demand is mainly raised by nationalist leaders who believe using a language of their former colonial invader, especially when they have plethora of languages of their own with rich past is a sign of cultural slavery.

But, they miss to see how their objective is being not only misinterpreted but also being used as a tool for harnessing anti-Hindi votes by politicians in south.

It must be kept in mind that every language is equal and as important as other. It is not only Tamil’s duty but also ours to preserve this ancient language.

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