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Congress policy destroyed BSNL, so dynast, stop shouting about economic slump

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BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) was once a household name and all those who have had the privilege of having a telephone connection at hone once, were provided by BSNL. It was indeed, BSNL was making huge profit and also had enjoyed not only the patronage of people but also their respect. It was all the part of history.

But the problem faced by BSNL today is purely congress made. Certainly many of its employees and their affiliations with various trade unions too contributed heavily into the destruction of BSNL but the share of congress government is far too high and significant.

As a part of globalization, the congress regime opened the telecom sector to private players like Bharati Airtel, Jio, Vadafone Idea etc. The interesting factor was that employee load of BSNL was quite huge accounting over 1,76 lakh employees. On the contrary the private players could manage their show efficiently with 25000 to 30000 employees. Further BSNL was also not upgraded to the next level where the private players started to operate with 5G whereas BSNL had not even upgraded to 4G.

The revenue generation of BSNL stood at 27,818 crore for the year 2017-2018, down by 14% from the previous year. The total loss of BSNL is reported to be 90,000 crore in December 2018. The high salary and large number of employees in BSNL makes it impossible to breathe through the stiff competition from the private sector. Besides that the innate inefficiency, lack of attitude, indifference, and irresponsibility in most of the staff of BSNL also makes BSNL impossible to survive. The above situation has made BSNL to cut several of employee benefits in February this year and thereby BSNL saved sum of Rs. 2,500 crore. Already BSNL had occupied its top position in the list of loss making PSU’s in India.

Was congress responsible enough to address the issues of over staffing in BSNL, not been upgraded, filled with trade union worms destroying the performance, before opening the door to private sector like Bharati Airtel, Reliance Jio, Vodafone Idea etc. BSNL and congress government together destroyed the BSNL.

But now the congress party is blaming Modi Govt. Indian economy and several PSUs were destroyed by the congress government heartlessly and favoured the private players. The confession statement of Indrani Mukerjee clearly indicates why the congress government had favoured private players by allowing several PSU’s die on its own and soon CBI and ED would nail the corrupt.

What we suffer today is the seeds of destruction sowed by the congress party thought its corrupt governance in the past. But today the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs are blaming PM Modi.

Neither staff cut nor salary cut for BSNL employee was affected by the then congress government to address the issue of over staffing. BSNL was not upgraded but allowed to operate in the archaic fashion in the market whereas the latest generation spectrum auctions selectively benefited the private players. Congress government had purposefully, wilfully and may be due to some hidden reasons, destroyed several of our profit making PSU’s and opened the door for the private players to enter but the same congress party cunningly calling Modi promoting crony capitalism.

Time has come for people of this country to recognize the truth that how the trade unions have destroyed the life and career of several employees of BSNL by landing them to inefficiency, indifference, poor performance etc.

PM Modi is doing the right thing to stabilize the economy, identifying all sick PSU’s, analysing how to recover and if not, how to shut down etc.

Why should our nation bear the loss incurred by BSNL purely due to its inefficiency and lack of responsibility? 90% the revenue earned by BSNL goes to the salary. Why BSNL need 1.76 employees to do the job that is less than 10% of Jio or Bharati Airtel or Vadafone Idea?

The new India Narendra Modi propose is not the one that we experienced during congress rule where the governance was full of corruption, dynastic politics, nepotism and gang rape of our public exchequer.

PM Modi demands accountability, transparency, honesty, responsibility and finally value and worth. To build a New India that is free from corruption, dynastic politics and nepotism, Indians should support PM Modi unconditionally.

People should diminish the congress party of the dynast to single digit in the coming elections and must strengthen the hands of PM Modi to make India a great land. The vision of one India is possible only when people promote and perpetuate the universal culture of India, Hinduism and Hindutwa which is nothing but tolerance, universal brotherhood and spiritual living.

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