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Dear Malala, if there’s a Nobel for hypocrisy you would get that too!

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Srivatsava Sesham
Srivatsava Sesham
Social reformer by mind,engineer by job,writer by passion,hindu by ideology,politics by interest, finally a responsible INDIAN CITIZEN BY BIRTH

October 2012, like all the sane minds of the world my heart also ached when I heard about Taliban shot a school girl for going to school. I thought when this barbarianism will end in this world, what wrong that poor kid has done to be shot at. That day I knew who you were.I prayed to god to give you strength and full recovery. Ever since, you became an inspiration. I always wonder how that small girl got courage to fight against Taliban in Swat. I always used to ask one question, if I was in that position would I go against armed religious bigots? My answer changed each time.  Then I thought maybe she got this courage in the DNA, Maybe she drew inspiration from Zorawar and Fateh even being 9year and 6year old who stood for their rights in front of Wazir Khan. West took you in, gave you new life and enough coverage so world can know about this situation, the problem of patriarchy and religious bigotry,radical ideologies, human right violations might come to light. You went on to get Nobel Peace Prize but still you got struck with same narrative.

After you left the SWAT, there were many atrocities carried out on the people. While you went on creating fund, doing lectures and giving interviews you became the scape goat of good excuse called “we are doing something”.  When you started to propagate right to education for girls then I was inspired by you. A little girl is making difference in this world, but my happiness didn’t stay long when you attributed radicalization to illiteracy. When the whole narrative around you took away the prime point of you being in exile and gone through these circumstances. How can illiteracy be prime reason for radicalization? Laden was educated, Bhagdadi was educated, people who are leaving west to join ISIS are also educated and have the privileged life in their countries even then they are going to pick up arms to carry out a genocide on non-believers of their faith. How education can solve this? Are you trying to say there are good terrorists and bad terrorists? Are you trying to say terrorist who shot you did what he did because he didn’t go to school?  Media always asked how Taliban didn’t want you to go to school, how they killed many children by bombing their schools, but nobody asked you why are they doing it, what was the motive behind their ruthless activities. You being a victim of that brutalization but chose to take a politically correct narrative but couldn’t address the real problem.

Nobody can blame you for not speaking up on all issues, nobody can blame you with what-a-boutary on issues happened before you were born but when you chose to pick up an issue to give your opinion or asking for something on that, at least I would expect you would learn little bit more on the topic. When you released the statement on J&K issue after India abrogated the article 370 of the Indian constitution, I realized how ignorant a Nobel laureate can be. It started with, this issue existed time when your grandparents were young. Sorry Malala, the issue existed when your great grandparents were young. May be nobody around you told the ugly truths of atrocities on Kashmiri women by religious fundamentalists, separatists, pro pak politicians. You claim yourself as South Asian citizen, then I would like to know if the Sindh province is in South Asia or not? If the Baloch province is in South Asia or not, if Myanmar is in South Asia or not, if Sri Lanka is in South Asia or not.

  • When the father of two innocent Hindu girls Raveena and Reena in Pakistan begged in front of police station to save his daughters from forceful marriage and conversion I don’t see a word from the girls right activist like you.
  • When the women in Baloch were dragged out of their homes in broad day light brutally raped and shot dead by the ISI I didn’t hear a word from the Nobel Prize winner.
  • When the women in Iran bravely protesting against mandatory hijab I didn’t see a small appreciation from feminist icon.
  • When the LGBTQ activities are punishable offense in Middle Eastern countries I don’t see a protest from human rights activist like you.
  • When the horrible practice of nikah halala exist to this date I didn’t hear a single complain from the brave girl of south Asia.

When there were terror attacks around South Asia you always took a political stand. Being politically correct is more important to your image than being honest on real world problems. I lost the respect on you long back when you attributed the radicalization to illiteracy. Isn’t it Ironic that you can’t visit your home town even today but worried about peace in all over South Asia, isn’t your home town in South Asia? Don’t you want to go there and lead a happy life with no harm to human rights? What stopping you? You know what was stopping you, same reason stopped lakhs of Pandits from going back to their home towns, thousands of Dalits, Sikhs, Tribals are worried to go back to their hometowns in Kashmir. Out of all I thought you would know better how the fear mongering in society leads to brutality. You could have asked your grandparents about what happened in 1990 to Pandits. You could have asked them what happened to tribal demographics in POK. May be you could have got some sense on this issue unlike any uneducated Pakistani.

I understand you didn’t mention of article 370 issue in your statement and released a statement immediately after India dealt its internal matter.  What is your stand on government putting restrictions to women on whom to marry and whom not to marry?  If they don’t abide the rules they lose right on property. Is this also “illiteracy problem”? What is your stand when the whole country made child marriage illegal and punishable offense but one part said we have autonomy we don’t want that. Why Kashmiri women can’t go to a movie theatre, why there’s not a single theatre, who stopped it, illiteracy? Did you care to check how the minority population valley reduced from 1950s to today, where did all of them go? Disappeared due to illiteracy?

May be you forgot how South Asia is suffering from these religious radicalization because of too much time you are spending on TVs, fundraisers, accepting awards and forgot the ground reality. Do you remember? That your school friends are still in that valley today going through the same suffering. Calling a spade a spade takes courage and integrity. When you faced that bullet I thought you had both qualities in you, you have got the greatest opportunity to be voice of those voiceless girls and women who goes through this patriarchy and religious bigotry every day but you missed your chance. Instead you are happy with the western appreciation and fame. I thought this Malala could be the ambassador to those millions of Malalas in the interior parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan who don’t have privilege to come out on their will but you turned out to be a greatest disappointment. You forgot the root of the problem, you pick up the entirely unrelated narrative, in the process you let that bullet win. You pulled the greatest fraud in recent times, well done.

May the day come, when you realize, Nobel to you not making any girls in Taliban control area to go to school

May the day come, when you realize, ideologies which oppressed women are the real reason for the atrocities

May the day come, when you realize, humanity prosper only by change and maintaining demographic balance

May the day come, when you appreciate, Only a real democracy can help in increasing quality of life. Until then you are the greatest hypocrite of this generation and you justify the problem by denying  there is a problem in first place.

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Srivatsava Sesham
Srivatsava Sesham
Social reformer by mind,engineer by job,writer by passion,hindu by ideology,politics by interest, finally a responsible INDIAN CITIZEN BY BIRTH
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