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With Samajwadi Party leader’s name emerging as truck owner in Unnao rape victim road accident, question is who did it?

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BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar, who is the prime accused in the 2017 Unnao rape case, is also accused as the one who tried to get the girl killed. FIR is registered against him which accuses him of attempt to murder and criminal conspiracy.

Here is where things get murky. Do understand this is not an attempt to absolve him of his crimes or give him a clean chit. But let us not be too quick to judge.

Sengar is currently lodged in a jail. One would assume his motivation to get the girl who accused him of rape would be to get out of the jail and eliminate witnesses, etc.

But, Sengar is named in the CBI charge sheet filed last year. A case is also registered on him under POCSO. POCSO is a tough law. Sengar was anyway going to be in for a long time. In such a scenario, why would he jeopardise whatever little chances he may have to get a reduced punishment (assuming he takes legal routes and keeps on appealing till the world ends) by getting the girl killed?

What if there is a larger conspiracy?

Few days back, an incident happened in Uttar Pradesh where caste played a role in the massacre. A politician from a party was paradropped in UP who created a lot of noise. There were rumours that she was detained and arrested, when nothing of that sort had happened. While she was in middle of all this, another tall leader of the same party passed away in Delhi. Media attention changed focus. She had to return and pay her tributes to the departed leader.

A week goes by, she has lost her momentum.

Suddenly this ‘accident happens’. She is back in focus. She is tweeting, starting hashtag campaigns to get the BJP MLA sacked.

She is back in focus.

The party currently has no leadership on top. It is muddled in infighting, senior leaders don’t want to give up power, newer breed can’t wait to get their hands on the top post. Party president, who was never carved out for the job, has resigned. Now, senior politicians in the party have started singing the tune that ‘new leadership’ should emerge. Two senior politicians also put up the newest fire-brand leader who resembles her grandmother’s name as the party president. Nothing like being your grandma’s doppelganger to rule the grand old party.

Also, nothing better than Uttar Pradesh where caste politics plays a major role than trying to kickstart one’s career. After all, everyone in her family has previously fought elections from that state.

Who is set to win from this Unnao rape case victim’s road accident?

Clearly it is not Sengar.

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