[West Bengal] Muslim mob pelt stone and vandalize roadside shops after residents protested against alcohol consumption outside their house

Rishra, West Bengal: According to a news report, on the night of July 9, 2019, the Hindu residents of 5 no. ward in Maitri Path area in Rishra had an argument with few Muslim men about consumption of alcohol outside their home. One of the locals told the reporter that some Muslim men regularly sit outside their houses and drink alcohol, once they get drunk enough, they start their regular hooliganism, abuse the residents. According to the other locals, the Hindu owner of the houses, confronted the drunk men and asked them to leave, but the Muslim men started verbally abusing the owners and quickly gathered a mob of 40-50 Muslim men (also residents of the same locality).

Seeing the danger, the owners quickly went back to their house and called the local Rishra Police Station, the Muslim mob vandalized local shops, pelted stones at the house of the Hindu residents. A part of the mob entered the house of one Hindu resident and assaulted the owner and his grandson. According to one local, “the police came more than 30-40 minutes after the incident took place, by then the mob had dispersed.”

One Hindu resident registered a First Information Report with the local police against the Muslim men. Some injured people were taken to Serampore Walsh Hospital after the violence. Police has since been posted in the area.

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