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Trump-stick politics of congress, the tale of worth of the worthless 

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The sudden mushroom like emergence of the dynast from nowhere to make a demand to Modi that Modi must answer to the comment of US President Donald Trump that Modi has sought his help to mediate the issue between Indian and Pakistan. The above demand made by the dynast speaks a lot about the truth made by the TIME magazine that the dynast is ‘Un-teachable’. When people go totally worthless and hopeless, they never feel shy to latch onto anything to make noise irrespective of the reliability of the borrowed stuff. In fact by questioning PM Modi over the farcical statement of Trump, all those political parties in India are fiddling to the interest of Pakistan and separatist. As soon as the statement that was made by Trump, it was summarily denied by US authorities by stating clearly that the issue between India and Pakistan is bilateral.

Trump is known for making several thoughtless utterances in the past and also known for making unverified statements. On the other hand Modi is very measured in his expressions, die hard patriot, born honest and incorruptible.  Even a child in the womb can confirm that Modi will never make any such requests, that too to Mr. Trump, apparently an inconsistent leader.

It is funny and at the same time looks awkward that the dynast is using the Trump-stick to make his political lung-breath.  The demand of opposition parties is that Modi should personally deny the claim of Trump. Placing such demand by dynast itself is so self-defeating as people of India knows the credibility and assertiveness of Modi and that is why people of India have given even a bigger mandate to Modi in recent parliament election.

The dynast on the other hand has a proven history and great past displaying how naïve and unwise he was and Wiki leaks cable released by The Hindu several years ago clearly tells how the dynast has understood Indian politics, Hindu terrorism etc. Further the dynast also has proved his enormous wisdom in public when he reasoned out the problem of unemployment to the origin of ISIS, from foreign land. Considering the wisdom and sense of the dynast, what else India can expect from the dynast other than asking Modi to counter Trump.

Trump is not United States of America. Most of the Americans are repenting for electing Trump and had the opponent of Trump was not Hillary Clinton, Trump would not have won the last presidential election in US. Similarly several world leaders are quite amused by the behaviour of Trump and therefore they consciously dismiss the effect of Trump because USA is not Donald Trump. Therefore Modi countering to the utterance of Trump is not necessary and further Modi should focus more on improving the relationship with US by dismissing the statement of Trump.

An open lie by a responsible person like Trump should be ignored because such people not just lie or demean others through such lies but demean own dignity and the dignity of the country that they represent.

The dynast and other tukde tukde gangs in India do not have any ideology and no new offering to India. They are not only bankrupt but also find no one around them to offer some political advice.  So they are left with no other choice than use Trump-stick to attack PM Modi. In fact all those use Trump-stick are not attacking Modi but are harming India by indirectly supporting the agenda of Pakistan and separatist.

It is so unfortunate that still India has some space for such political parties to harm India and its reputation as such misadventures however may look politically beneficial. For Modi, India comes first and not BJP or politics, therefore we the Indians should stand with Modi and must lend our unconditional support.  Indians also have great responsibility to defeat all those negative forces from Indian politics.

S Ranganathan

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