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Open letter to Ms Mahua Moitra

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Madam Mahua Moitra,

In your maiden, zealous and passionate speech in the Parliament a few days back,you garnered much praise and applause. You spoke extremely articulately, enunciating every single word with clarity. While you have a great command over the language as one could see in the impeccable English, it your content I have a problem with.

And no, it’s not because you attacked Mr. Modi. I would have had this problem even it were to be Mr. Gandhi being attacked.

Madam you used words like xenophobia, fascism n facts such as identity proofs and lynching.

As I understand it is your highly esteemed leader who is totally xenophobic and fascist in her rule. She gets people chanting “Jai Shri Ram” beaten up. What is this, if not, fascism, Ms. Moitra? Or maybe your definition is from a different dictionary.

Go to a village in the state you hail from. Every non-Muslim house,nowadays lives in fear. Your CM is on a mission to draw out all Hindus from their houses and get them beaten up on the assumption that they must have voted for BJP! Preposterous, to say the least.
Xenophobia, anyone??

The above is as per an eye witness account who says the lady is hell bent on destroying Hindus and another one says no temples are open in villages now “for fear of Didi”. Is that not curbing the freedom to practice one’s faith?
Fear psychosis: early signs of fascism, anyone??

As for identity proof, if you mean Aadhaar card, then why this hue n cry? It was the Congress regime which had this idea and it turned out well. If you have lived here for 50 yrs, why not prove it? I am ready to do so. If you are not, I am sorry but that means you are hiding some facts.

FYI, 80% of the housemaids, who are ostensibly from Bengal, are actually illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. In a country bursting at its seams with teeming population,should we bear excess burden in the name of humanity? Where does this human spirit disappear when TMC workers bash up innocents for reasons cited above?

Also, how many countries would do that? Please think about it. Your party craves for vote banks from one community at any cost.

Lynching is what started in Bengal with a vengeance. With complete support from your erstwhile Didi.
Anything unacceptable to her (read Hindus)and the people were lynched n beaten up.

Alas, your facts and opinion were too biased to realise that you needed to use the same powerful words with the same angry passion to your TMC leader. The moment you do that, I will certainly give you a standing ovation. Till then , what you said was a well aimed barb at Mr. Modi , who has replied to many.

As for your new fan base, I am happy for you. Perhaps they do not know the reality of today’s Bengal.

Good wishes n may you get the courage to speak the whole truth and not just a twisted version of it.

Till we meet again….. Au revoir!

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