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Invisible prince and visionless sycophants of Congress party

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The Congress dynast-prince Raghul Gandhi is nowhere seen these days.  May be floating on high moral ground due to his stupendous defeat in the recent parliament election but his rare appearance in the scene strongly suggests that he hasn’t changed nor would change.  That is why the TIME magazine has beautifully described him as ‘un-teachable’.

To India the dynast is visible but for his sycophants and punkah coolies, he is omnipresent.  Despite his omnipresence as claimed by his sycophants and punkah coolies, but they are clueless and appears to be searching again their Congress president in the same dynast. If not the dynast, let his sister who is also a dynast should lead the party is the growing voice of the sycophants of the dynasty.

The question of survival versus revival is when posed before the Congress men, they appears to prefer survival than revival of the party.  The meaning of meaningless survival, survival with full debility, survival on life support system, all these are as same as lifeless life but unfortunately that is what the Congress party wants to have by revolving around one family.

The politics of dynasty and entitlement are getting rejected globally and people are opting for merit and performance rather than giving importance to entitlement or birth right based prime minister-ship claim of some family members.

The sensitivity, responsiveness and responsibility shown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to plug all loopholes that might siphon out all our efforts towards development of the state is commendable.

The new amendments brought in IBC (Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code) in the aftermath of Essar litigation is the best example for how PM Modi has kept his heart and soul in offering good and development centric governance and ensure all focuses and dedications are for sab ka vikas and not for dynastic politics.

Look at the culture of Congress party in Karnataka. It is struggling with JDS to remain in power but do nothing to the state.  People of India must take note of what is happening in Karnataka and must decide not to vote Congress party in future, and also other regional alliance of Congress party and allow coalition government to form.

Like corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics, instability and coalition government by several tukde tukde gangs are also ruining the state. Policy paralysis, lack of governance, frequent fight and threat for power, engagement for commission and reducing the opportunity to govern the state as ATM are the counter products of coalition government and the Karnataka model is the best example.

Let the Congress claim the dynast to be omnipresent or invisible, let the Congress men praise the sister dynast to head the Congress party but Indians should ignore the Congress party and must commit selflessly to pledge support to Modiji’s good governance to make India a great country.

Unity in diversity can be achieved only by reviving our ancient cultural treasure – Hinduism.  Irrespective of the various religious faiths being followed by several people, still the cultural sacredness of Hinduism can be seen in most of them.  Therefore the Hindu culture is the identity and index of India and only by promoting the ideals of Hinduism and Lord Ram, India can remain united, stable and strong nation. Even Gandhiji was an ardent devotee of Lord Ram.

The support offered by people of India to Narendra Modi in 2019 election must continue perennially and only then all divisive forces and forces that promote hate politics, dynastic politics, politics of nepotism and corruption, minority appeasement, fear mongering etc. can be eliminated from India.

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