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The serpent of hate Hindi politics in Tamil Nadu

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The draft of new national education policy prepared by Kasturirangan committee suggests the continuation of three language formula in schools with the possible inclusion of Hindi in non-Hindi speaking states and other regional languages in Hindi speaking states. The above is only a draft policy for consideration and not meant for imposition. Tamil Nadu state as on date is not following the three language policy.

The DMK which is already in the brink of ideological extinction due to lack of any credible policy, leadership or vision for the state has taken up the draft recommendation of three language system to revive its age old agitation against Hindi language by claiming Hindi is not in the blood of Tamils. It is so unfortunate that several people of the state are still supporting the party which is destroying the state by infusing hatred against a language that is being used widely all over India.

Learning a new language would never eliminate the mother tongue. Although English is the main language and the medium of education followed in India, the number of English speaking population is quite small in suburbs and rural India and Hindi is the language often used by people in most parts of India. Therefore people of Tamil Nadu learning Hindi would only empower them further and it will never diminish the credibility of Tamil language or culture.

The history of India has been so distorted by the sycophants and punkah coolies of Nehru-Gandhi family and as a result of such distortion of history of India, still regional aspiration is being heavily exploited by several regional parties which inadvertently prohibit the spirited nationalism.

For these regional parties, nationalism is anathema because only by fanning and firing the regional chauvinism, these regional parties can survive in Indian politics. DMK is the best example for the above politics.

The DMK and its associates since pre-independence days started to divide the state by importing the theory of Aryan invasion of Bishop Caldwell and tutored the people of the state to believe that they belong to Dravidian race and rest of Indians, especially the North Indians are Aryans.  Thereby DMK infused hate Hindu, hate Hindi language, God, devotion etc.

Caldwell cleverly sensed that the state of Tamil Nadu can be converted to Christianity easily if the state is divided away from Hinduism. When such ploy did not yield result, the pointer was turned towards Brahmins as they could not be deviated from practicing Hinduism and as a result Brahmins were classified as Aryans so that once the Brahmins are separated through a divisive agenda, both the conversion as well as eternal political salvaging on Dravidian identity politics can be achieved.

DMK was in deed successful and even the latest defeat of Pon Radhakrishnan who has contributed so much to Kanyakumari testifies how the divisive and minority appeasement politics can defeat development and progress of the state and instead how it can support and sustain the decaying dynastic politics.

The people who aspire to grow in life and wants to be successful in career must recognize the truth that new learning alone can ensure success. If they hate Hindi and remain with Tamil as envisaged by DMK and its associates, millions of youths would risk their future.

The debate is not about learning Hindi, but the crux of the debate is about the politics of hatred and political cunningness to prevent the students of the state from learning anything new and be competent. Only when the children acquire graduation in engineering and in other subject with least to no employment scope as they do not know any other language other than Tamil only then they would join DMK out of frustration to protest and promote hate politics and thereby DMK can have continuous stream of followers.

From the prehistoric days, DMK was promoting hate Hindi politics, then the politics of rejecting Hinduism, God, finally hate Brahmins. In the last election they transferred the genes of the same hate politics upon Modi and won the election. The people of the state must ask what they have achieved by voting DMK? At best DMK can only stage protest and promote hate politics and Hindi agitation…… how such politics is going develop the state and prosper the life of people in the state?

Hope the people of the state will understand the divisive and destructive politics of DMK and would embrace the policy of learning three language system and Hindi as third language either as optional or compulsory. Congress has a chance to revive its nationalistic identity by supporting BJP and PM Modi and must slowly attenuate regional parties from the political map of India.

S Ranganathan

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