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Shah Banu Case of 1986 – the ugly face and dirty teeth of congress party is out in public, thanks to PM Modi

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Every Indian must spread across the wonderful speech of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narandra Modi in Parliament thanking the President. With several facts and figures, Modi has shown the ugly face and dirty teeth of congress party and how it had reacted post Shah Banu’s maintenance verdict in 1986 by saying “it is not congress responsibility to reform Muslims”. 

Rajiv Gandhi through a parliament enactment struck down the judgment of Supreme Court of India passing an order to provide maintenance to Shah Banu who was divorced by her husband after reciting talaq thrice. The Muslim vote bank was more important to congress party than helping the impecunious Shah Banu. The above truth was shared to the world by none other than a then key confident of Rajiv Gandhi and one of the important leaders of congress party – Mr. Arif Mohamad Khan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recalled the excerpts of the interview of Arif Mohamad Khan to tell to the world how farcical and deceitful is congress party towards Muslims and other minority communities. But today the same congress party of the dynast is talking about the idea of India, secularism, democracy etc. But it has been deceitfully appeasing the Muslim community and treating them as mere vote bank and winning election since independence. How the congress government headed by Rajiv Gandhi could defeat the Supreme Court judgment against an impecunious Muslim women who was asking for maintenance assistance from her husband who pronounced talaq thrice and divorced her.

People of New India must take the message from the speech of PM Modi in parliament to the masses to show how farcical was congress party and how heartless it was in saying it is not congress responsibility to reform Muslims.

Whether Muslim community understand the double standards and lies of congress party or not but Hindus should understand the above ugly face of congress party so that the party is never supported by them in future. Further when Hindus en mass support Modi, certainly Modi will do enough justice to Muslims and other minority communities as he vision for New India is sab ka vikas.

None of the negative propaganda, spreading of lies, fear mongering among minority community, selling hate politics etc., has worked for the congress party and people of India clearly gave their verdict to PM Modi and BJP to rule the country for another 5 more years. Certainly the saga of PM Modi’s good work will continue for several more years. 

India has elected Modi because India wants to prosper, wants a corruption and scam free governance, governance free from dynastic culture and nepotism, governance dedicated for development and sab ka vikas. But even after the repeated defeat, the congress party and other opposition parties are not willing to learn their lesson and wants to continue their disruptive role in parliament.

Congress party has a wonderful chance to support the Triple talaq bill brought by PM Modi. The bill is aimed to raise the dignity and aspiration of Muslim women in our society. No civilized nation in the world would allow divorcing women by just uttering talaq thrice and leave the helpless women in lurch.

PM Modi really transformed the life of millions of poor women by providing cooking gas connection, health insurance coverage, building toilets, drinking water supply, electrification and opening bank accounts to every household woman to transfer government benefits and subsidies directly to the account of poor people. All those poor people and beneficiaries of various schemes of Modi and those wish and dream of New India have voted decisively for PM Modi.

The opposition parties are still acting arrogant and want to engage in disruptive politics and politics of spreading lies. Indians have woken up to the new realities of Indian politics since 2014. People of India are very quick to update every political development that is happening across India. Therefore the prejudiced media houses, the leutyen club in Delhi and the punkah coolies of the dynast cannot spread lies and negativity against PM Modi and can easily and take Indians for a ride.

Every Indian must spread the good governance of Modi to everyone in the society and must educate the poor people in the society to be aspirational and participate in building new India. Let the opposition parties continue to live in fool’s paradise and in continuous denial, but let us pledge our unconditional support to Modi and BJP and make India a great land to live and be proud of.

S Ranganathan

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