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Reverent Modi versus un-teachable dynast who refuse to learn good politics

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The TIME magazine has described Rahul Gandhi as the most un-teachable person in Indian politics. Another important dimension also the dynast has revealed recently and that is he is not only un-teachable but also so adamant and determined not to learn any decency and positive politics even from his repeated defeats.

The thanks giving ceremony to Wayanad voters in Kerala by the dynast was full of frustration, anger, negativity, hatred, jealous, lies etc. The dynast was so angry with PM Modi because the dynast believes that he alone has the right to rule India and not by any others. The way he spoke and uttered negativity and hatred against Narendra Modi in Wayanad, no Indian politicians has ever stooped down to such level in the past against any of their political opponents.

On the contrary, PM Modi has made a true and statesmanship centric speech in Kerala during his visit to Guruvayur temple. Politics is not about winning the election but providing good and corruption free governance and governance devoted to sab ka vikas. PM Modi beautifully told to the people of Kerala and rest of India that that state that may not have given a single seat to BJP but still Kerala is as dear to Modi as his constituency – Varanasi.

Kerala is considered as God’s own land and it is believed that the incarnation of Lord Vishnu – Parasurama in Brahmin form only has created the state Kerala from Indian Ocean. Vishnu, the lord of protection of dharma and righteousness always rests on lotus flower. Fortunately the lotus flower is the political symbol of BJP. PM Modi has offered lotus flower to Lord Krishna in Guruvayur equal to his weight as Tulabara, which in all proviso refers to Lord Krishna will certainly take care of Kerala by granting the required political wisdom and prudence to the people of Kerala and those who devote Lord Krishna to elect BJP in the coming election to save the state from the dynastic rule and the rule of political violence represented by communist party.

After listening to the speech of PM Modi, several Keralites shared that they wept profusely for not voting for Narendra Modi in the last election. On the other hand many people in Kerala also expressed their heightened happiness for voting for Modi even though their vote could not make BJP candidate win the election. Those who voted for PM Modi think that they have voted for development, sab ka vikas and corruption free governance and not for dynastic politics, politics of divisiveness and minority appeasement and corruption.

Guruvayur Shri Krishna temple is the soul and pride of Kerala. PM Modi after became Prime Minister of India came to Lord Krishna in Guruvayur to express his humbleness and humility. On the contrary, the dynast has gone to Wayanad to thank the voters for electing him. The dynast went to thank people who elected him but Modi has gone to submit his devotion and humility to Lord Krishna in Guruvayur temple and assure Keralites that he is sab ka Prime Minister.

PM Modi told the people of Kerala that Kerala is as dear to him as Varanasi but the dynast is continuously engaged in abusing PM Modi and calling him by all unsavoury expressions. PM Modi has shown his political maturity, trueness, humbleness, Indian-ness and proved that Modiji is truly sab ka Prime Minister. On the contrary, the dynast has proved and displayed his political immaturity, politics of abuse, spreading lies and hatred, playing negative politics, minority appeasement and finally the politics of entitlement.

People of India, especially the minority community must shun their phobia if any they have against Modi and must submit their total and unconditional vishwas (trust) upon Modi to build a new India and sab ka vikas.

The negative politics of the dynast and other tukde tukde regional parties have destroyed India and Modi, like Parasurama who created Kerala, entered the political scene and restored the dignity and freedom of several Indians, developed India in all frontiers and achieved sab ka vikas.

Kerala state must pack off both the dynast and violent communist party and must bring back the divine rule of Modi. Let Kerala be the land of Lotus flower, Lord Vishnu and noble rule of BJP.

S Ranganathan

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