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Lemuria Vazgha Vazgha- Lemur battle cry in the war for the glory of Kumari Kandam

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Manga प्रेमी| चित्रकलाकार| हिन्दू|स्वधर्मे निधनं श्रेयः| #AariyanRedPanda दक्षिणपंथी चहेटक (हिन्दी में कहें तो राइट विंग ट्रोल)| कृण्वन्तो विश्वं आर्यम्|
A brave Lemur warrior rides into battle to defeat Aariyan vandheri Red Pandas.

As a war rages on between Red Panda invaders and poor hapless lemurs, most of India remains blissfully ignorant to a degree that is criminal. But no more! Today I will bring you all to this battleground; this world known as “Lemuria”. A world that has been kept hidden from you by conspiring Red Panda vandheris. Today I will tell you all about it. You will bear witness to the greatest war since Mahabharata!

The barbaric Aariyan Red Panda vandheris attacked poor Moolnivasi Lemurs and conspired to sink the landmass between India, Australia & Madagascar which the Lemurs called home. This glorious land called Kumari Kandam was the homeland of Dravidian Lemurs. They used to call it Lemuria with love. And the Aariyan vandheris sunk it. And now it lies under the Indian Ocean waiting for a day when Lemurs would rise again and overthrow the Aariyan Red Panda vandheris and bring it back to the surface. But alas! Red Pandas conspired to even erase Lemuria’s existence from history.

It was thanks to Bishop Robert Caldwell, our beloved Appa, that we came to know of Aariyan soolchi and realised that we Dravidian Lemurs are moolnivasis of India and Red Pandas are vandheris.

Map showing Kumari Kandam or Lemuria before it was sunk by the Aariyan Red Pandas.

Appa Caldwell taught us that Lemuria was a very advanced civilization but most of it sank due to Aariyan soolchi. He told us that when St. Thomas, the apostle, came to the Tamil land, he taught Thiruvalluvar the gospel and the word of our tr00 lawrd and saviour Jeebus. Now, we have realised that jealous Aariyans appropriated our moolnivasi culture and gods from Bye Bill and started calling them their own.

Caldwell appa was our teacher but Thanthai Periyar was our general! One of our greatest warriors, he detested the imperialist Aariyans so much he wanted the parpanan Aariyan bammans to be beaten and killed and driven out of the Tamil land. So pure and steadfast was he about his principles that he could not tolerate his first wife going to Aariyan temples, so he sent people to stalk, harrass and molest her on the way to the temples till she stopped going. But his fight wasn’t just about principles in personal life. He tried to achieve our dream and get us an independent Dravidstan with the help of Britishers & Jinnah, but vile Aariyans did not let that happen.

But our beloved Thanthai wasn’t just a fighter for the Lemurian cause, he was also a man full of love. Even at the age of seventy his heart was full of love, so much so that he married his own daughter he had adopted, who was thirty-two years old at the time. Such was our great Thanthai- a fierce and righteous warrior, yet full of compassion and lust, err, love. Full of love.

Thanks to Appa Caldwell, Thanthai Periyar and Thanti Karunanidhi we have awakened to the truth and vowed to throw these Vandheri Aariyan Red Pandas back to Syria. To defeat them and foil all their soolchis we have made a social alliance for this war with our bearded biraathers and Maratha Shekrus to defeat Aariyan bammanism.

Even though our Thanthai has left us, he watches over us and smiles at our growing power. Under leadership of Stalin Anna we beat the lotus waving Red Pandas in the last battle. At the same time our friend and Prince of tr00 lawrd beeleebing Reddy royalty has conquered Northern Dravida Nadu from the vandheris. Our unstoppable armies blessed by Thanthai Periyar Anna are armed with so much FCRA money that the Red Pandas would be hard pressed to match us in any combat.

Even in Bhodrolemurloka, our Didi Amma is fighting to throw back the Aariyan vandheris who keep shouting about some Ramu kaka. In this battle too, we shall bring glory to Tr00 Lawrd and then we will be rewarded with free Sarraku and Kauva Piryani from Charchu. I wish with this more and more people learn of the struggles of Lemuria and they join us in our war against Aariyans.

Long live Lemuria!

Long live Kumari Kandam!

Vazgha Vazgha Lemuria! Aariyans Ozigha Ozigha!

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