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Hockey Olympian likes to step into Rahul’s shoes

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If pure politicians are finding themselves incapable of running the political party they adhere allegiance to, the sportspersons are coming forward in relieving them from dark alleys. One cricketer was the prime minister in the neighboring country. So our country’s hockey Olympian Aslam Sher Khan has also been dreaming of stepping into Rahul Gandhi’s shoes.

Since the Congress party’s president has shown his utmost determination in stepping down from the post of presidentship, no one has shown courage to step forward for the new Congress chief. For Congressmen, it looks like a matter of laughter like the year 1981 American movie ‘Wet Hot American summer.’ Just as the movie does not take itself too seriously, so as none of the Congressmen are taking Rahul Gandhi’s resignation sincerely.

Notwithstanding, Aslam Sher Khan has written a letter to Rahul Gandhi stating if none steps forward for holding the post of the party president, the golden opportunity should be given to him. His letter goes thus: “With all humility, I would like to offer my services to the party and take responsibility as a provisional Congress president for a time-bound period of two-years only.” This assertion by him has been made on the basis of his extensive experience gained throughout his career as an international hockey player and later as a politician.

He pointed out that tactical substitutions could bring the change and this tested dynamics of hockey game could help the Congress to score an equalizer goal. The time requires winning the people’s hearts at the grass-root level for dethroning the ruling BJP. Do we not aware of the traits such as ego, overconfidence or greed are barriers that get in the way of bringing the change. Very often the politicians who flip-flop are commonly laughed at. Beyond that, even the family and the friends who cross the tribal borders are overlooked. But should we not encourage the common people’s minds if we attempt to win their confidence?

Lately, Even Sharad Pawar has exhorted his party men to think in this direction. This was how we can get better at our continuous failures.  The Congress party’s detachment at the ground level has brought its sheer disgrace in the present polls. It would devise different ways otherwise only parody, spoof or satire would be written to describe its gradual disappearance though it is a hard nut to crack presently.

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