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Half-truth journalism cannot defeat BJP and Modi

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The arrest and subsequent interference of Supreme Court to release the journalist Prashant Kanojia on bail for posting very derogatory information about the Honourable Chief Minister of Utter Pradesh was initially described by some jaundiced media houses as an assault on free speech and the court has finally restored it.

Some media houses still think that they can easily distort facts and sell fictions and make people of India to turn against BJP. But people are smart, intelligent and are certainly with BJP and Modiji and they are not going to believe any amount of false propaganda of the so called neo-liberals.

The court has released the journalist on bail and termed the arrest as unwarranted because the crime doesn’t deserve custodial interrogation. However the crime deserves prosecution and punishment.


In the name of freedom and free speech, one can at best only express his or her opinion and views and cannot plant a story to defame someone’s reputation. Such crime cannot be excused in the name of free speech. Making fun must be differentiated from planting a fictitious story about a monk – Yogi Adithyanath aimed to defame him. BJP has several committed and selfless workers and they are continuously tracking various developments in India and how the sycophants of several dynastic parties and coolies of neo-liberals are spreading lies about BJP. The selfless workers of BJP will certainly communicate to people in the society about all these vicious stories of the neo-liberals. India is not going to believe all these pseudo journalists and the fox in goat’s skin.

The arrest was not needed for the above crime was the observation of the court and hence the journalist was asked to release on bail. Prosecution procedure shall continue for the derogatory posts of the journalist. But the cardinal aspect of court’s intervention some media houses does not want to speak about but are up in the arm to claim freedom of speech is being restored by Supreme Court of India.

The BJP in general and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in particular demand accountability, responsibility and dedication from every institution and also from the citizen. To build New India and achieve sab ka vikas, people must stay together with one vision and no one should be allowed to disintegrate the unity and ethos of one India. Politically, Modi has defeated all those divisive forces and dynastic forces that want to break India to capture power. People of India stood with Modi and did not believe the collective and mass propaganda of the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs against Modi. The volume of lies and hate politics they tried to sell to the voters in India did not succeed and the wise Indians voted back Modi with overwhelming majority.


Journalism and free speech must be in the framework of fairness and such privileges should not be used to defame some ones impeccable integrity and reputation. Yogi Adithyanath is one of the few honest leaders in India, committed to develop the state and spread the message of universal love of Hinduism. His life is an open book. In the name of freedom of speech if the journalist wants to oppose and criticize some of the policies and governance of Yogi Adithyanath can be accepted but not planting fabricated stories to defame his reputation.

The lobby and some media houses must learn the strong lesson that even the fundamental right comes with reasonable restrictions. BJP is a party of credible and honest leaders, people who are committed to India, selfless workers and patriots. Unlike several dynastic parties that consider the interest of the family first than India, for Modi, India always comes first and not BJP or his Prime Minister Chair.

All those prejudiced and jaundiced media houses must come forward and must support PM Modi to build New India where politics of development and sab ka vikas shall be the focus and not corruption and nepotism or development of dynasty.


Abuse of power comes only when people misuse their freedom and not when they follow discipline and act responsibly. The new India that PM Modi envisage is going to make the life of all those prejudiced media houses also better and prosperous and therefore support PM Modi and BJP to build New India.

India needs merit and not dynastic forces.  Performance and not abuse and isolation of talents and meritocracy, India wants.

Media houses must engage in spreading positive messages of PM Modi’s good governance and must offer constructive suggestions to make India a great country.

S Ranganathan

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