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Exceptional facts to learn about Hinduism

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Hey! Are you curious enough to explore more and more about the most fascinating Hindu religion? Are you dreaming to dig out the Hinduism facts for being the 3rd largest religion with over billions of followers? Owing to the consistent increase in the number of followers and people’s desire to widen their knowledge base, the article hereby puts forward the facts about religion.

The word Hindu was used by the Persians during the period of 6th century BC. The religious meaning of the religion was not developed during those early life periods about 1000 years back.

As per the sources, Persians believed human life beyond the Indus river who got recognized by the name ‘Hindu’ community. Unlike the other existing religions, no prophet or teacher has been considered as the founder of this religion. Yet, the religion is backed up with strong reliable sources and authentic shreds of evidence.

No beginning or end of the religion has been mentioned and accordingly referred to be as the ‘Sanatan Dharma’. As per the authentic and reliable sources, religion is considered to be developed over the last 5000 years initiated at the Indus Valley region.

Hinduism is known to look out the divine presence in every single existence.

Facts to know about the admirable Hindu religion:

  • Hinduism is considered as the third largest religion all over the world. There are over a billion followers of the religion and over 85% of the Hindus reside in India.
  • Hinduism believes in the existence of three main gods standing with strong spiritual strengths. Lord Brahma is considered as ‘the creator’, Lord Vishnu, being ‘the preserver’ and Lord Shiva as ‘the destroyer’ for recreation purposes.
  • Vedas, Puranas, and Upanishads are considered as the Hinduism’s primary religious texts holding entire facts and observance. The epics are further categorized into several types keeping individual sets of facts inside them.
  • Vedas are categorized into 4 types including Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda, and Atharveda. Upanishads are 251 in total number but 108 of them have been printed for relevance. There are 18 Puranas associated with Hindu religion giving a strong spiritual backup of the religion.
  • Hinduism is considered among the four Indic traditions existing all over the world. These include Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism.
  • Hinduism looks out for the divine presence in every single existence. Accordingly, Hinduism looks for understanding the nature of the divine in several lineages. Hinduism believes for the formless for the infinite or formless nature of the Brahmins who can get worshiped in various forms. However, some of the Hindus believe for the infinite existence of divine in the form of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva.
  • Hinduism believes worshiping their divine in both the male and female forms. Devi resembles female while Devta resembles the male divine figures. It is believed that worshiping them with dedication and pure heart provides us exceptional blessings to fulfill our internal desires.
  • The ultimate goal of Hinduism is to achieve salvation or Moksha. It is believed that the ‘Karma’ actually works to attain this achievement by the blessings of God. It is actually the stage of becoming free from the continuous cycle of death and rebirth. Good karma of human beings is analyzed and accordingly, they are provided with the blessings of salvation.
  • Rather than the linear concept of time, Hinduism believes in the circular existence of time. Research and studies as per the authentic sources have proved that there exists four different ‘Yuga’ throughout the life span of this earth. These include Satyuga, Treta Yug, Dwapar Yug, and Kalyug.
  • It is believed that Saint Manu is the preserver of this earth by the blessings of Lord Vishnu. The facts mentioned in the epics have proven his responsibility for preserving and regenerating human beings with his eternal divine powers.
  • Hinduism proves that Lord Vishnu is responsible for taking ‘Avatar’ to preserve this earth from the ill effects of the deadly monsters or ‘Asur’. As per the authentic facts mentioned inside the holy epics, Lord Vishnu has taken several ‘Avatar’ till date in various forms and saved the earth to establish peace and prosperity.
  • A total of 10 avatars are listed until the end of the earth’s life span. Lord Vishnu is believed to have already taken the forms of Kacchhap, Varah, Vaaman, Narasimha, Parasurama, Ram, Krishna, and Buddha. Yet to originate in the name of Kalki for saving the earth from the negative powers. There remain several temples who worship all these forms of Lord Vishnu.
  • Among all the four Vedas, Rigveda is considered to be the oldest and written about 3800 years ago. It mentions that Hinduism is one of the oldest religions existing over the earth’s surface. The religion believes in the existence of 33 crores god and goddesses with pieces of evidence.
  • Both the Sikhism and Buddhism like religion have been derived from Hinduism. Accordingly, they have sole belief upon this religion and believe to worship all the divine powers associated with
  • Hinduism believes in the existence of three different worshippers on the earth’s surface. These include Shaiva – Worshippers of Lord Shiva, Shaakt – Worshippers of Shakti (Goddess Durga in all forms), and VaishnavWorshippers of Lord Vishnu.

 Conclusion: To sum up, Hinduism is the only religion existing on the surface of the earth with strong and authentic shreds of evidence. It teaches us the strengths of devotion, meditation, and worship. The law of Karma is one of the focused sides of Hinduism threatening the wrongdoers aligned towards the way to right karma to achieve salvation or Moksha.

Hinduism teaches us the path of moving forward with extreme trust over the Almighty. The almighty god is believed to provide success and salvation with respect to our karma throughout the life span.

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