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Double speak, hypocrisy and politics of hatred of DMK, when people stop from following the Pied Piper of Hamelin

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DMK always known beat its chest and boast bravely that the party is the custodian of Tamil language and culture and that is why the party has fought against Hindi imposition since independence. If the majority of people in Tamil Nadu decide to believe DMK’s cock and bull story, then people of the state are the most gullible population in the world. The question is why the people of the state do not want to prove that they are no more gullible or fools by rejecting DMK from the state totally and completely.

The reports available in several print media clearly shows that DMK was fooling the state by opposing Hindi and Navodaya school system and as a result, only the poor and marginal people have lost out and not the people in the creamy layer. Further the recent investigations have revealed that several leaders of DMK including the daughter of DMK president are running CBSE schools in the state with Hindi as mandatory second language for the students from the middle to rich class. The report suggests that nearly 40 schools are being run by DMK leaders which offer Hindi as second language under CBSE system.

Stalin’s daughter Senthamarai Sabareesan is the prominent among those in DMK who are running schools in the state which mandate Hindi as second language. On the contrary the state has not yet adopted three language formula until now but several leaders of DMK which was the crusader of anti-Hindi agitation in the state doesn’t seems to follow its of political agenda in letter and spirit when it comes serve own business interest.

Does that not mean DMK was cheating the innocence of people by making them to hate Hindi language but the same DMK was making gold out of Hindi by running CBSE schools?

The reply of the DMK leader RS Bharathi was quite bizarre, according to him, all those DMK leaders who are running CBSE schools with Hindi as second language are doing so in their personal capacity. Does that not mean they follow one yardstick and logic for the state and another for their personal gain?

Does that justification not reveal how hollow and fraudulent is the political value of DMK and how the party is cheating the innocent people by infusing hatred among them against Hindi and preventing them from learning Hindi.

Sun Shine Senior Secondary Matriculation school, the schools run by R. Mani, brother in law of DMK MLA, the schools of K Karunanidhi, Shree Bharat Vidyaashram owned by S Jagathrakshakan, The Geekway World School of Vinod Gandhi, the School owned by the brother of DMK leader Arcot Veerasamy, all are offering Hindi as second language. But all these people keep anti-Hindi face in public and divert the young students from learning Hindi. If asked they would conveniently argue their liberal face that they only oppose imposition and not learning Hindi. If that were true, why the DMK government did not implement three language system, may be with many other regional languages besides Hindi so that the students of Tamil Nadu can learn three languages instead of being stuck with Tamil?

The politics of hatred against Hindi, Hindu, God, Brahmins and now Modi are only the political tools of DMK and nothing else. DMK was never true to its politics that it wants the state to follow. If DMK as a party truly belongs to its cadre, can DMK make any of its senior leader of DMK as chief minister candidate of DMK in next election other than Stalin? Why Stalin alone is eligible and entitled leader for the post of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from DMK?

People of Tamil Nadu must ask these questions and must verify the facts if they want New Tamil Nadu otherwise the hypocrisy of DMK will jettison the life of people and people would become mere rats that followed Pied Piper of Hamelin to death. Hope people will start to analyse the anatomy of truth of DMK politics and would emerge soon to save the state by supporting BJP and Modi.

S Ranganathan

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