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Congress shows double standard on TV ban

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In the midst of the political parties’ ban on its spokespersons from TV appearance, the Congress party has also imposed ban but for Kerala. It said there was no ban upon the state party leaders from appearing for television debates in the far southern state. The party High Command told state party chief Mullapally Ramachandran and leader of opposition in the state assembly Ramesh Chennithala, the ban did not apply for the southern state. It gave us the plain impression that the ban was effected where Rahul Gandhi had badly faced electoral defeats and left the one state where his party gained as many as 15 seats. He himself emerged victorious by a record number of votes from Wayanad constituency in Kerala.

That was why he did not ban television appearances there. The Congress party’s hugely popular faces like Rajmohan Unnithan on TV debates also gained victory from Kasargode LS seat there. What remained worse for the Congress party in other states turned out better for the party in the south? The party leaders explained the gag as a temporary measure to secure time for resolving various problems troubling them. Does it not reflect the Party’s double standard? Having a satisfying political verve in the face of the electoral debacles at the parliamentary elections, it becomes quite challenging for not only the Congress party but also for the Samajwadi Party to pull out its spokespersons from the usual television debates.

In such taxing times, managing political debates on various television news channels appeared a tough task for the parties. That’s why there was effected total disdain for sharing into loud TV debates. Both the political parties had withdrawn its official spokesperson from the television talk. It was quite clearly stated from the Congress party national spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala that no party leaders should appear on TV debates for a month. However, the Samajwadi party’s stand was also directed like that. The party spokespersons merely fend off the weight during the course of the discussion.

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Their brain constantly captures the points and anticipating the answers they register their active participation into the noisy debates. Over the past several years the BJP has picked up some particular tricks that help its spokespersons overpowering the opposition parties’ spokespersons in the allotted time. It was common on the part of every spokesperson to let time slip by without finding moments to connect with the topic of discussion. The anchor demands the views exactly related to the topic while the party spokespersons find it hard to balance their brainpower in a little bit easier way.

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