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Bihar shows way to respect elderly

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Old age is often linked with different kinds of problems. Considering this significant point the Bihar government’s fresh decision to punish the irresponsible wards with jail term against abandoning their parents raises hopes of parental care. Every ward will, therefore, develop a commendable character. One step can be a big leap in the right positive direction. Who can deny the older elders’ value in the homely life? They are indeed the true capital of our society.

We had a few days ago experienced how an old age woman was beaten by her own daughter-in-law in Haryana. That was neither human nor humane. Nevertheless, it was a hard reality of our human society. We seem to forget that the frailty encases everyone on the living planet. The weaker body changes the thinking towards life. The wards begin to see their parents as a total burden thereby forcing them to wander out of their homes. Some dump their old parents in the old-age homes and do not even come to visit them anymore.

When we are influenced with the glare of money the elderly appear as an economic liability. That was how we think that old age was definitely a bane. Aging coagulates likes and dislikes of an old person, his or her prejudices, perceptions and value judgments that reject straightly to acknowledge the reality of aging.  This inferiority does not remain confined only to the commoners, but the Royals too are facing the music. England’s Prince Philip, with a ripe age of 98 years had no desire whatsoever to reach the age of one hundred years. Was it his fear or depression? Once he stated he could not imagine anything worse than turning 100. “Bits of me are falling off already,” he pointed out. He had retired from the royal duties two years ago.

Denial of longing for living a little longer life exposes human’s nature. When we remain young we conceal our real and accurate age by miscalculating the age but the old age becomes a burden. The American culture of addressing matured people uncle has propelled the market forces to cover young people owing to their trendy outlook and leaving the older ones on the side. Though older people have been given financial position, the decision on part of Nitish Kumar himself an aged Chief Minister could have an extensive impact on our traditional society. The state with the highest percentage of elderly is Kerala where they make up 12.6 % of the population. The least number of elderly live in Arunachal Pradesh with merely 4.6 % while Meghalaya stands at 4.7%. According to Census, 2011, there were nearly 104 million elderly persons in the country.

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