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Assume Congress won 2019

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Assume Congress has come back in the center and the state results are the same — immediate election in JK, Siddu to be the CM of Punjab, crackdown on Gujarat Government on some faltu charges, media to hype all issues in UP to get Yogi sacked, mass exodus of Hindus from WB as Mulla didi cracks down, citizenship bill to be rejected and 3-talaq bill to be scraped, Government change in Goa, JDU merge with Congress and Sidda becomes the CM of Karnataka, Jagan to keep a low profile and TRS do not care, too much excitement in Kerala and the fall of TN Government.

JCP to be formed to investigate Rafale, scrap direct money transfer, make many public servant to to leak details to tarnish Modi and BJP, chant Modi chore day in day out, prove surgical strikes and air strike did not happen, Lutyens media will have a bashing session to tarnish BJP, experts will work hard to divide BJP, get many RSS and BJP workers killed and blame it on Modi, invite only pak and china for the swearing in ceremony. All this would have happened in the initial 15 days and BJP is still sleeping.

I do not want BJP to be like Ranapratap who let Gajani away, to get killed one day, if u see a spade just kill it. BJP got this mandate only to clean up the system not to retain it. You can cut diplomacy with UK to force them to return Malya and Modi, arrest PC, Tharoor, fake Gandhis and let them fight from the jail, start Ram temple, get UCC, scrap 370 and 35A, give one way ticket to people like Omer and Mufti if they oppose it, release temples from state control and many many things which is what BJP has been voted with full power. BJP has the power and unless they use it aggressively people will start loosing faith.

-Anand Vaithiyanathan

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