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Why there is such a meltdown among self-appointed liberals for Atishi Marlena’s defeat and Sadhvi Pragya’s win?

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As the trends and results started pouring which pointed towards a clean sweep by the BJP and Narendra Modi, self-appointed liberals, journalists, comedians, anti-establishment faces started to droop down. They were unable to understand the cause for such a massive win despite their propaganda and ‘fact checks’ in last 5 years. They started labeling the Indian people as bigots, racists, communal who don’t care about their own problems.

Although the contempt was there for all be it Narendra Modi, BJP, Indian voters, special love was reserved for two people – Atishi Marlena and Sadhvi Pragya. They kept wondering how Atishi Marlena lost with such a huge margin despite her ‘amazing work’ for the Delhi Education department. And kept questioning the intellect of the people as they voted overwhelmingly in favor of Sadhvi Pragya.

So, why this fascination for Atishi Marlena? Is she really this super intelligent reformer who has transformed the Delhi education system? Why people chose to not vote for such a ‘great young leader’?

The entire ecosystem hails Atishi as someone who has revolutionized the education system in Delhi. But no one is ready to talk on specifics. What exactly she has done as a special education consultant to the Delhi government? What was her role? What exactly were the reforms that she undertook?

Some of them point towards the improved infrastructure in some of the Delhi public schools to prove their point. But modernization of the schools has gained pace all over India in last 5 years. How exactly is improving the basic infrastructure of public schools a reformatory step? What about the enrollment ratio or the drop ratio or the teacher-student ratio or the number of the failed students or the quality of education? Has any progress been made on these parameters? Ask this and you become a ‘Bhakt’.

If her work was so great, what stopped Arvind Kejriwal to appoint her as the education minister rather than keeping her on an unconstitutional post of ‘special adviser’? Why they kept quiet over the constant changes in her name to get the caste and religious messaging right? Why not question her and her party over the ‘defamatory letter’ which she claimed was distributed on ‘mass’ scale by Gautam Gambhir, when it was proven through multiple journalistic investigations that majority of the citizens did not receive the letter along with the morning newspapers as claimed by her? Why not question her over her support to ‘Tukde tukde gang’ and ‘urban naxals’?

The truth is the ecosystem worked for her just like it had worked for multiple people before to build a false positive image of the person. It has been done in the past for multiple Congress, left and other ‘secular’ leaders like Rajiv Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra, Kanhaiya Kumar, Shela Rashid and many others. The entire ecosystem worked overtime to get articles after articles out talking about her stellar achievements in transforming the education system in Delhi but as is the norm these days, data and facts were missing.

And why there is so much hatred for the people who elected Sadhvi Pragya?

They term her as ‘terrorist’ at will without any actual proof. They compare her to Osama Bin Laden and say that in the name of Modi, people will elect a terrorist as well. When told about the charges not being proved and she being a victim of the conspiracy of false ‘Hindu terror’ propaganda, they don’t give it a second thought and argue that ‘even if is true’ then also, what has she done for the people other than going to jail, mocking her. In the very next sentence, they forget about the charges against their beloved ‘freedom fighter’ Kanhaiya Kumar and lament his loss from Begusarai.

Why does she gets portrayed as anti-Muslim without actually saying something against any particular religion? Just because she is not apologetic of her Hindu roots and is proud of her culture and religion, just because she dresses in a particular way, just because she does not fit into their definition of ‘secularism’.

What has she achieved other than ‘going to jail’? Leaving aside the contempt in the voice of the questioners, let me tell them that she had 15 years of experience working for public-political-cultural-religious organizations before she was thrown into the jail for 10 years without a shred of evidence. She founded multiple organizations, effectively led big organizations, reached to office bearer positions of student political outfits before being labeled as a ‘Hindu terrorist’. She was a ferocious orator with public connect before she was weakened after the years of horrific torture and inhuman treatment.

May I ask what has the ‘young brilliant’ mind Kanhaiya Kumar achieved other than wasting years of his life in a left citadel working on a third-rate thesis while simultaneously wasting the taxpayers’ money?

If they get out of their AC rooms and their comfy chairs once in a while, as they tried to do this election, they will find out the reality of their own ‘inflated egos’ like it happened this election season. Their blued-eyed men and women were handed a big reality check by the people of this country when most of them lost their deposits. Still rather than introspecting, they are now blaming the people for turning into bigots and racists.

I guess some people just want to take a different line to look ‘special’, wolf among the sheep, but forget that just opposing something for the sake of it is not ‘intellect’ but shows their ‘lack of depth and knowledge’.

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