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Why there is so much hatred against Shri Ram and Ramayana in the minds of Lutyens Leftist Liberal ecosystem

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Although we have seen the hatred spewed by the left liberal ecosystem for anything that is Hindu or ancient Indian; whether is the festivals, old traditions, Gods, philosophies, scriptures, symbols, icons, etc.; there seems to be a ‘special love’ reserved for Lord Rama, Ramayana and its characters.

Whether it is the constant shameless attempt to spin the epic and its message by falsely depicting it as a conflict between castes, by portraying Rama as Upper caste and Ravana as a Dalit (who actually was a Brahmin); or to make it a symbol of patriarchy by harping on the episode of Rama leaving Sita after questions were raised by the citizens without understanding the inherent message of the act. Or the latest fad to portray Ram’s most dedicated Bhakt and a God himself, Hanuman as a symbol of Hindu militancy.

They have tried every dirty trick, have used the prism of every dirty ideology to malign the great epic and ‘Marayada Puroshottam’ Ram himself. So this begs the question why there is so much special love reserved for Ram in the hearts of left-liberal gang members, apart from the obvious fact that the revival of Hindutava and the rise of BJP started with Ram Janambhoomi issue and with the words of “Jai Shree Rama”?

If you go and ask any child or any person anywhere in the country about Ram, two things will constantly reverberate – “Maryada Puroshottam” and “Ram Rajya”. Though he was an avatar of God, he was a King on earth in his human form. In fact, he is regarded as the first King of India by many. People of India may not understand the complexities involved in a court case related to corruption matters, but they easily understand the difference between the God and its Human Avatar.

Ram Rajya symbolizes good governance and Maryada Puroshottam signifies the conduct and behavior of those in power. His whole life is an embodiment of the moral dilemmas a King faces in different situations and how to overcome them without compromising your inherent moral values. Also, he is the oldest and the greatest King whose footsteps reached all across the country, making him equally important to every Indian irrespective of the regional or linguistic differences.

All these make him a ‘nightmare’ for those who are still living with a colonial mindset or a leftist one. He can subsume all the great icons from different states within himself, thereby also rendering the card of ‘regional pride’ ineffective, like it is happening in today’s Bengal. How do you fight those who claim to be his followers and believe in his model of governance in a country where Ram is the epitome of governance and his rule being regarded as the benchmark of a ‘paradise’ on earth?

There are only two ways. One, you try to paint the followers as fake and only using the great name for their selfish benefits. And second, to try and cast aspersions on the man himself by using dubious means and questionable arguments. Both these strategies have been employed by the ecosystem since decades in ample amounts.

They try to paint Lord Ram in bad light by trying to cast aspersions on his motive and decisions during some very difficult situations. They try to make fun of him for his ‘Pitra Bhakti’ as he chose to accept Vanvaas instead of Kingship. They try to question his silence on his brother’s act of cutting the nose of a ‘woman’. They question him over the way he chose to kill Bali. They portray him as a male-chauvinist over Sita’s Agnee-Pariksha and her subsequent separation from him later. They question his valor and bravery in the way he fought the war and his killing of Ravana. They even go to the extent of saying that he was a megalomaniac as his name was written on every stone of Ram Setu!

Their hatred and logic have no sanity. They have always been so cut off from the ground and the people that they always looked India from the colonial mindset of ‘A land of uncivilized people with their beastly gods’. They refuse to accept the rich Indian heritage and constantly try to convey that India was born in 1947, thereby cutting all the ties from the oldest surviving civilization that is India. Since 1947, they have always tried to ‘civilize’ India according to their twisted sense of civilization and society, leading to the mess that this region had become which used to the land of knowledge, prosperity and wealth.

They try hard to blacken the icons of our great history but thanks to the mothers and fathers of this great nation who have been able to pass on the true message and values of Lord Ram and the other great figures, to the next generation for decades and centuries. The have not been able to dent this one ancient institution of ‘family’, though not for the lack of trying. They have tried very hard to push individualism and promote selfishness to weaken the institution of family but it has been so entrenched in Indian psyche that they have had very less success.

They don’t hate Lord Ram per say, but they hate the idea that they will become powerless and a forgotten memory, if more and more people start returning to their roots and values embodied by this great figure, after having seen the dastardly results of these poisonous divisive foreign ideologies that have wrecked havoc on India for so many decades. They will be finished politically because their whole politics is based on ‘divide and rule’ whether it is ‘Hindu vs Muslim’, ‘Caste vs Caste’, ‘State vs State’, ‘Class vs Class’, or ‘Men vs Women’.

But Ram is one such uniting figure that even the older generations of Muslim scholars titled him as ‘Imam-e-Hind’. If his name can again lead Indians back to the older era where the divisions were less and love was more, they and their vicious imported ideologies would be erased from the future memories of India. They can’t stand the idea of loosing to an ‘uncivilized mythical figure’.

And this is the fear that is driving them to be extra hateful to Lord Ram and Narendra Modi who is leading the charge in his name.

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