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The era of Bhasmasurs: Opposition’s every trick is back-firing them so well!

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The elixir of knowledge that Indian texts and stories provide is so vast that you can find an equivalent for any socio-political-moral situation prevailing in the present in one of those sources. One of the stories is about an Asur by the name Bhasmasur who after his long “Tapasya” got a boon from God Shivji that on whomsoever he put his hand, that person would be burnt into ashes (Bhasm) and killed. Buoyed by the boon, he decided to kill the Shivji himself and started running behind him. Shivji had to ask for help from Vishnuji who took the avatar of Mohini to trick the Asur into putting his own hand on his head and thereby killing himself.

The reason I have mentioned this little tale from our ancient texts is because many of the Nationalists and right-wingers (for the lack of better word) used to ask themselves how would Narendra Modi be able to fight the deadly nexus of left-liberals-politicians-lobbyists-lawyers-judges-celebrities-journalists-intellectuals whose ecosystem had been holding the collective consciousness of this oldest and greatest civilization to ransom since many decades.

Created and nurtured since Independence by vested interests for whom the nation’s interest was not even in their thought process, this ecosystem had become a monster which even Vajpayee ji could not fight and succumbed to it. This ecosystem is nothing but an extension of the Mughal and Colonial mindset which used to look the people of this holy land with disdain and contempt, who needs to be civilized and governed. ‘Barbaric people with their barbaric religion’.

The reason people had hope from Narendra Modi because he had been the worst victim of this ecosystem for the last 12 years since 2002 and also because he won with a thumping majority so he could have ruled with an iron fist without the worry of upsetting any specific lobby.

But little did we know that this ecosystem would simply become suicidal and would crumble under its own hypocrisy because of their rabid hatred for the man who they tried to stop in whatever way they could from becoming the PM, even going to the extent of predicting mass genocides and riots all over the country to eliminate the minorities, specifically the Muslims, as soon as he becomes the PM. Such fear-mongering!

However, as the fate had it, Narendra Modi did become the PM in 2014. Suddenly, their oxygen supply, which they used to drive from the corrupt politicians, was cut off. On top of that, he started applying the rule of law without any special consideration. What a dictator! This further squeezed their dubious funding and illegal deals making them even more angry. How could they be treated at par with a common citizen of this country who they only look at with contempt and not worthy of their respect. Colonial Mindset, I tell you, has no logical explanation.


We have seen the masks fall of many of these faces who were hiding behind the cloak of neutrality and honesty across the sections of the society whether it be cinema, journalism, academicians, ‘experts’, bureaucracy, or judiciary. They kept exposing themselves; some soon, some late; and now today stands naked not only in front of the common public but in front of the highest court of the land. But the hate refuse to die and frustration keeps on increasing because of the lack of support from the ‘gawar’ public of this pious land.

Narendra Modi didn’t give them much of a chance to criticize his government in the last 5 years, he was also able to handle the genuine criticism like a seasoned politician. But how can that stop the ecosystem from playing their dirty tricks that they have been playing since ages against the likes of Morarji Desai, or Narsimha Rao, or Atal Bihari Vajpayee, or anyone else who was not one of their own. So they tried everything from Intolerance to Award Wapsi to lynchistan to rapistan to NotInMyName to Sahara Birla Diaries to Rafale to Judge Loya to Tukde tukde to university unrest to dalit uprising to farmer distress to personal attacks. They literally tried every trick in their book.

But the honesty, integrity and transparency of the PM was so high that more they attacked, more they exposed themselves. When nothing was working in the political and social arena, they diverted all their focus towards the Supreme Court.


They got 4 Supreme Court judges, one of them being the current Chief Justice of India, to come out in the open to say unsavory things about the then CJI Dipak Misra who was seem to be working against this ecosystem’s interests. Little did those 4 judges, Ranjan Gogoi in particular, know that they will not spare them also if they don’t act according to their whims and fancies.

CJI Ranjan Gogoi seems to have realized the pressures his predecessors had to deal with when he openly said that the constitution is in danger and SC has been overtaken by the court fixers, the ecosystem even tried to put these statements on the head of the government. Thankfully the current CJI refused to bow down to these ‘fixers’ and vowed to go to the bottom of the matter. I get nightmares thinking what would have happened if any other judge would have been in his place who was not so strong willed!

So this powerful ecosystem which everyone thought was a Goliath to be decimated seems to crumbling because of their hatred – as was the case with Bhasmasur. They stand exposed in political arena where many of them are on bail and being shown their place that they are not above the law. They are getting thrashed everyday on social media because of their lies, distortions and hypocrisy which is increasing its reach everyday thanks to Digital India, another reason to hate Modi. They are getting no public support whatsoever on the ground. And now, even the judiciary seems to have taken a special liking to them. They are simply not able to create the narratives that they used to build earlier with so much ease.

This noise will get louder after the election results. They are not going to go down without a fight. Post 2019, when Narendra Modi storms back to power once again, they will increase their decibel levels but we should remember the flame flickers the most when it is about to be extinguished.

Our job as a citizen is to stay vigilant, keep calling them out and most importantly, bring Narendra Modi back to power with a full majority, and we can just wait for this ecosystem to kill itself just like Bhasmasur did.

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