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Not Modi Not Shah! It is CBN’s strategy which made BJP win in the centre

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YES. It is not good governance by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that is winning him a second term in 2019. Neither is it the strategy of accused King maker Amit Shah which is bringing the power back to BJP for a second term. IT IS CHANDRA BABU NAIDU’s strategy which is bringing power to NDA today. Yes! It could have been on his own merit that there was a Modi wave in 2014 and anti-incumbency that brought him power back then. But now, it is absolutely Chandra Babu Naidu’s master stroke that is winning BJP.

Ever since Babu had quit NDA, he started accusing TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samiti – The party in power in Telangana) and YSRCP (YSR Congress Party – Opposition party in Andhra Pradesh) are B teams of BJP, while he was fully aware that he was with NDA with a pre-poll alliance since 2014 and just having quit the NDA after 4 years of being together, he just wanted to make sure that there would be no doubt on TDP(Telugu Desam Party – Led by CBN) that it is the B team of BJP.

After having whitewashed his image as a Non – NDA party, with the prowess of Media(sold out / bought out) he started campaigning against Modi/BJP and started being a black sheep in the opposition. There was no Mahagatbandhan without him. It was he himself who reached out to everyone from Maya to Mamata, Sonia to Vijayan, Kumaraswamy to Akhiles, it is he who brought all of them together.

If you remember clearly, it was he who proposed that there wouldn’t be any PM candidate’s image for campaigning. And he asked everyone to say the same thing. Even Sonia had to accept him, as he has created an image that he is such power to bring down Modi. So, Rahul, who was already a PM candidate from powerful Congress party also had to declare that he is not interested in being PM and anyone could be the PM after polls.

After creating this Mahagatbandhan, it was him who suggested PM secretly to term it as Maha Thug Bandhan, but then the deceitful PM improvised it without seeking the permission of Babu and called it Maha Milavat. Though it backfired his strategy, Babu dealt it so well and made sure BJP wins.

Babu has successfully took the full mileage of Congress winning in MP, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh. It was he, who convinced Congress that they are winning everywhere and kept them in a delusion that they are actually winning, despite the fact that the vote share in those elections was more for BJP than that of Congress. He could malign such crucial information to saying that it is Congress’ prowess that is making them win and it is not a dead party. He was acting as a messiah for the delusionary queen Sonia and took full mileage of meetings with Sonia by going to all others and convincing them that Sonia is behind him and he would be helping everyone in dethroning Modi.

And in the meanwhile, he convinced Sonia that Rahul should not be the PM candidate. Just imagine, if only Rahul was told to say that he is the PM candidate of Magatbandhan! Yes, there would have not been an issue to any of the 21 parties as their only aim is dethrone Modi. they would all have accepted it and later have talked about what they wanted. But, it is Babu’s master brain plan that changed the narrative of Rahul V/s Modi to Mahagatbandhan V/s Modi. He was successful in each and every step he was taking. It is after this step that the whole thing changed. Congress V/s BJP to Modi V/s Who. This was the master stroke by CBN. He gave feelers to the media that there would be someone or the other Prime Minister, like Gujral or Deve Gowda or Chandrasekhar or VP Singh, whatever, whoever! He created a fear among aam voters that if they didn’t vote for BJP, there would be a weak Prime Minister.

He not only gave us the fear of weak Prime Minister but also gave confidence to opposition leaders like Devegowda, Mamata, Mayavati that they are equivalent to Modi and could be the PM candidate after the polls. This very confidence which was built in, in them had feared the aam voter and vented out their’ frustration by voting to BJP.

So, let us not discredit him of what he is worthy of. He is the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar of Politics. Let us credit him and request BJP to take back TDP into NDA and even ask Modi and Amit Shah to keep a 20*40 picture of Babu in their offices for having brought back power to BJP again in 2019.

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