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Mumbai’s Black Friday to Lanka’s Ester Sunday: The appeasement journey

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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetan
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.

People had been living and enjoying a decade of peace and suddenly one fine Sunday, they wake up to the horror of less than a dozen serial blasts. More than 250 ceased to exist, more than 500 might not live like the day before and all of their families might never overcome the trauma. Just imagine how would a person who lost his limbs or eyes or any other organ live his life?

Apart from these, everyone else including me would move on sooner than anybody thinks. This accident would be confined to a line item in the list of terror attacks along with its date, the terror organization who orchestrated it and number of people who died.

The echos of the blast also made ripples in the neighboring country; India. The way the investigation has been unrolling post the attacks, it is becoming one of the worst nightmares for the so-called self proclaimed Indian psuedo-secular intellectuals. These terrorist sympathizers are failing to see the responsible terrorists with any of their carefully curated stencils. The terrorists happened to be the sons of a wealthy spice trader, so the “poor head master’s poor son” stencil does not fit. The terrorist turned out to be western educated, so the “illiteracy/uneducated easy targets to brainwash” stencil does not fit. In a country where Buddhists (70%) are in majority and Hindu (12%), Christians (7%) and Muslims (10%) all are in minority, the “the Hindu oppressive caste system or Upper Caste exploits or minority ill-treatment” stencils can also not be used. And somehow even without a Kashmir like issue in between Sri Lanka and Pakistan, the traces of attack bring Pakistan’s ISI under the radar so “Indian Army is notorious or India’s alleged human rights violation” stencils can’t be used.

But I did not pen this article to mock these terrorist sympathizers. There are more than enough trolls on social media to do that. I want to highlight only one aspect from the way investigation of attacks have unfolded in Lanka.

On February 26, 2019, India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) had given a stark warning to Sri Lanka about the possible attacks. NIA had chargesheeted six IS recruits that day who were being investigated for months. On the same day, India had conducted Air strikes on some terrorist camps in Pakistan. Although, these were circulated as revenge strikes but India’s Ministry of External Affairs in its official statement said this: “Credible intelligence was received that JeM was attempting another suicide terror attack in various parts of the country, and the fidayeen jihadis were being trained for this purpose. In the face of imminent danger, a preemptive strike became absolutely necessary.

Yes, indeed the intel was pure gold. If the government had not authorized those air strikes then, there might have been similar or maybe even bigger attacks somewhere in India. Instead of shedding their crocodile tears for victims in Sri Lanka, these terrorist sympathizers would have been shedding them for Indians. And of course blame Modi Government for the failure. Indians should show some gratitude towards this government and the risk it took. The risk because if the strikes had not gone as expected, the results would have been detrimental for the ruling party as the elections were only a couple of months away.

The question however is:

How are India’s investigative agencies able to detect and gauge terror threats before hand now in contrast to the earlier times when India was a regular victim of terror attacks?

In these last five years barring J&K Indians literally have been living one of the most peaceful time frames. People don’t fear traveling in trains and buses or going to crowded areas at New Year etc. People used to feel this fear. Naseerudin Shah showcased this fear very aptly in his 2009 Hindi movie “A Wednesday” where a common man had to kill four terrorists and his wife used to call him every hour just to make sure that he is alive. I don’t know what his and Amir Khan’s wife are scared of now when the security forces are killing the cockroaches exactly how showcased in the movie. May be the movie was riding on the fear of common man and now that fear is going away. How will terror movies run on Box Office if people don’t related to them?

Coming back to the point. What changed in these five years? The Sri Lankan government provided Indians with an answer to this question. However, many of us won’t like the answer. The Lankan government acknowledged the fact that it was a failure on their end. And more importantly according to ET: “The Lankan government had been warned for the past couple of years to crack down against extremist elements but the political leadership feared that any such step will alienate the community.” In short the appeasement politics is responsible for these attacks.

The governments prior to 2014 were more interested in appeasing their vote banks rather than fighting terrorism. Rather than focusing on how anybody, i.e. anybody from any religion was able to orchestrate a serial blast, they were more focused on saving the face of a community and not for the benefit of the community but for the votes. Exactly like the Lankan Politicians, they feared the alienation of the community if any stringent actions were taken against the extremists.  Instead of doing the right thing, they not only let the attacks happen but also tried to show that the Hindu Terrorists also exist and the attacks were directed against Muslims too.

For example:- India suffered 12 serial blasts in Mumbai in 1993. More than 250 people died and more than 700 were injured. Honorable Mr. Sharad Pawar, the then Chief Minister affiliated to Indian National Congress, invented an imaginary thirteenth blast in a Muslim majority area. Why? Just to show that the attack was not intended towards Hindus and both Hindus and Muslims were targeted. He has accepted this as a fact. The truth was that the 12 actual blasts were in the Hindu Majority areas. The interesting thing is that no body questioned it when he announced it. Do you think it was only his doing?

The Congress that claims that institutions were free before 2014, was in reality treating them as mere puppets. Did media go and see the place where thirteenth fictitious bomb blasted? Did the Indian Investigation Agencies refute the claim? Did the Security forces refute the claim? No! Why? Because they were ordered not to do so. Like they were not authorized to take actions when they would have sensed the planning. The attacks were planned for months. The weapons (material/explosives) were imported via sea. The bombers were sent to Pakistan for training. Do you think Indian Intelligence did not see this?

If you call yourself secular then why should the course of an investigation be different based on the cast-community-religion of the perpetrator or the victim? 

26/11, 2008 Mumbai attacks. The government tried to insinuate that RSS was involved in the attacks. Infact, Mr Digvijay Singh even released the book : 26/11 RSS ki Sazish. Why? just to divert the issue or to appease a community. In 2006 Malegaon blast at first youth affiliated to SIMI were arrested, but somehow they were released in 2011. He used Hemant Karkare for his political interests. They both had personal connections. They tried to put 2008 Malegaon blasts on Sadhvi Pragya and several others from Abhinav Bharat. The lady used to walk before and after a sever torture for years, her lower body is paralyzed and does not walk now.  NIA has already dropped all the charges against her.  What were the authorities doing from 2008-2014? There was no case, they were just dragging the case and making sure that Saffron Terror remains a burning issue.

Sane people know that no body could blame the entire community for the deeds of a certain few. But those certain few have to be taken care off. The problem is Indian National Congress does not stop those certain few fearing that the entire community would stop voting for them. However, when BJP is doing just what is required, they create fear amongst the community “BJP aajaegi tumko khajaegi” (BJP will win and destroy you). BJP has successfully taken care of those certain few and that is the only reason why there was minimal terror in the country in the last five years (excluding the imaginary terror created by some intellectuals). Let BJP come with a two third majority in J&K and see how the terror vanishes from the state too (two third majority is required to change the laws, J&K has its own constitution). Also read: Weeding the Lawn – (Article 35A)

This exactly is the aspect I wanted to highlight. The appeasement politics has not done any good for any body, not even for the appeased community. If it would have, Sachar Committee report would not have said what it said. If there is a community who suffered extremely because of Congress it is Muslims. And of course every other community suffered because of the appeasement.

All the issues raised by Congress in the last five years infuse fear in the community. Don’t believe me? They raised fear in the name of cows, have a look at this : Lynching Whatsapp; In the name of Holy Cow, the lynchings are related to cow smuggling and stealing, even if you are a pandit and steal a cow in a remote village, you would be lynched.  The illegal slaughter house issue? the Yogi government did what was mentioned in the court order, the court order to close them was already there but the Akhilesh government didn’t do anything. Why? Their vote bank! They raise the Kashmir issue. Who made a mess of Kashmir? Have a look at Entangled Kashmir: A web of poor and selfish decisions  and Who let the “Pigs” in?? (Insurgency in Kashmir). It was them. They let it happen, turned a blind eye. Do you think Ram Mandir is an issue created by BJP? Have a look at Ayodhya Dispute: An unresolved symbolical confrontation. BJP was not even born when the issue was created. Mandir 2.0 i.e. Sabarimala, do you think BJP created this issue? Have a look at The only reason why Rahul Gandhi chose Wayanad, Kerala.

Congress is only for their self interest: power and money. They work neither for Hindus nor for Muslims nor for the country. Congress has to either go away for good or change their senior leadership i.e. No more Gandhi!. We need a third national party before BJP gets overconfident and arrogant.

Thanks for reading!


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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetan
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.
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