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Lalu fails to sense political wind

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Just the once it was said that this was an election like no other Bihar has seen for generations. Lalu Prasad was not there. It was a bit like Helen having left the dance floor. Cabarets are no cabarets if Helen is not dancing; Bihar elections are not Bihar elections if Lalu is not storming the barns. Notwithstanding all through his party’s massive electoral defeats in the current episode of the general elections, whatever energies he has so far maintained in his old age body appeared to have been in a straight collision in a terrible dance of dullness at the moment.

He finds no words to express his extreme depression following his party’s total defeat. Recently concluded parliamentary elections’ outcome has sent the RJD chief Lalu Yadav into tension and void. What he has discarded primarily is his daily lunch. Detailing about his routine, the RIMS Dr. Umesh Prasad said that it had been changed in the past two or three days. He takes breakfast, dinner but does not eat in the afternoon. His bodily state more or less reflects the complicated situation akin to Gulzar’s song Chain Bain Sab Ujada in a Bollywood movie. It was reported now that he had started taking afternoon meal now.

Besides his food rejection for one time he spends most of his time in eerie silence as his disturbing mind haunts the scene of debacle every time. His brains are teeming with frustrating negative feelings. Is it not strange that a political leader like him, who once claimed of applying balm (haldi, Curcuma longa) to the flying bird, seemed to be in utter wonder? At present, he was undergoing treatment and his concern at present was how to be cured fully. The poll’s results have completely spruced his power to fly and this is quite a disastrous situation for him.

He failed to read or understand the exact course of political mausam like another Bihari leader Ram Vilas Paswan. He was never as disappointed as he looked now. He has never gone through such a mental tension as of now. He was no longer Sikander of social justice. His high hopes stand dashed before the Bhartiya Janata Party’s Chakravyuh. He has not won even a single seat in Bihar and Jharkhand respectively. However, his party was better by securing as many as four seats in the year 2014 elections.

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