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India should thank Modi while congratulating on May 23 2019

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May 23, 2019 is not far away. For the millions of India, things would go as per their wish and aspiration i.e., Modi would continue as Prime Minister of India. The heartbreak and disappointment for the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs will be delivered to their door step by packers and movers at the behest of people of India. One important point people of India must remember is that they must thank Modi while congratulating him on 23 May for the massive victory of BJP under the leadership of Modi and Shaw.

People must thank Modi because the victory of Modi is extremely important for India than for Modi. Modi lives more for India and Indians than for himself or his family. Modi does not have a dynasty or big family to support by misusing the power, engage in scams and divert all ill-gotten money to their accounts like how many political parties have done.

Modi is honest, incorrupt and incorruptible. He believes in honesty, development, sab ka vikas and national security.


The abuses heaped on him by several tukde tukde gangs and the ‘UN-TEACHABLE DYNAST hasn’t weakened or defeated the confidence and determination of Modi because he lives for India and millions and millions of Indians are his strength.

The agenda of development, sab ka vikas, corruption free governance, governance free of nepotism, dynastic politics, governance full of accountability and responsibility, governance fully dedicated for India are possible by Modi only because of the support of millions of people who stood with Modi and supported all his missions to make India a great land to live and be proud of.

Congress party of the dynast-naamdaar not only left India in an irreparable state in 2014 but also defamed the reputation of India through waves of corruption and scam allegations such as 2G, Adarsh, CWG, Coal allocation scam, Air-Cell Maxis scam……… is there anything congress has left.


In the history of India since independence, the UPA 2 has brought heaviest scam shame to India along with its other partner-in-scam –DMK. Modi, brick by brick repaired the economic disaster of UPA2, brought reforms in several frontiers, developed the nation, took several firm measures to bring down corruption, brought accountability, responsibility and punctuality among Babus, knocked off middlemen from leaching the government schemes meant for poor people by transferring all such benefits directly into the account of the beneficiaries.

Such a glorious governance Modi could deliver because of the massive support rendered by people. For Modi, power and position of Prime Minister is meant more for India than for himself or his family. Finding an honest leader like Modi even in world politics is impossible.  Indians own a lot to Modi and BJP for gifting such a great leader to India. Look at the contrast with opposition parties. None are worth to be called as a leader or are honest, dedicated, merit based and have vision for India. All they want is, defeat Modi. Why they want to defeat Modi because, for them, India should not develop, corruption should not end, politics of corruption and nepotism should not disappear, governance should be like a bazaar for these looters to loot at their will. 

Indians while congratulating Modi on May 23 2019 also must profusely thank Modi for saving India. Indians also must wish long and healthy life for Modi to lead India to prosperity and glory for several years.


Modi as Prime Minister of India is more needed for India than for Modi. Therefore let us thank Modi profusely and lavishly while congratulating him on May 23 2019 for his massive victory to lead India to glory and success.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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